Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive? Answer Might Surprise You 2021

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As gun owners, we tend to do a lot of pre-purchase research on every accessory. So it’s pretty normal for questions such as – ‘Why are gun safes so expensive’ to pop into our mind.

Different bearers use different firearms. One sort of safe can’t suffice all preferences. Therefore, all safes aren’t built equally, too. They can get so much more expensive than your firearm.  For instance, some safes may cost you $150 and others $15000 or more.

Manufacturers label the price depending on the features and security-factors that they have to offer. Stay with us till the end if you’re unsure about why gun safes can get so expensive.

How Does Gun Safe Work?

‘With great strength comes great responsibilities’ – and we cannot but agree. The responsibility of ‘securing our weapons’ breathes down on all of our necks. For the sake of better understanding here’s a little insight into how a gun safe works.

How Does Gun Safe Work

In all honesty, the concept is nothing complex. It’s just a safe, except for guns. Even though that’s a no brainer, there are certain factors of a gun safe that seperates it from traditional safes.

Gun safes are usually much stronger than normal safes and have a very different degree of security. Some gun safes are even fireproof and airtight, just in case, your house catches fire. Others will offer you architectural integration, so the locker never leaves your wall.

Safes specifically designed to store weapons use pins, passwords, or mechanical protection. This denies access to children, robbers, and any other unwanted person. The higher you take this security, the more the price will increase due to obvious reasons.

Why You Should Consider Spending On Expensive Gun Safes

Sixty-four children of an average age of 8-9 years took part in a study. The results showed that 76% of the kids tend to handle a firearm upon discovery confidently. At the same time, 48% tend to pull the trigger.


Another study shows that more than 350 American children (less than eight years of age) received emergency treatment due to accidental firearm injury in 2001. The number has increased manifold ever since mainly because many irresponsible gun bearers decided that a proper gun safe isn’t worth the money.

Even if you don’t have children at home, a safe is meant to protect you from cases of adversities such as burglary and natural disasters. Not to mention the legal benefits you can reap off of safe ownership.

Gun Safes And Their Purposes

Different safes serve different purposes that give birth to several of its variants. Some common sorts of gun safes are –

  • In-wall
  • Discreet
  • Water and fireproof
  • Heavy duty
  • Corner etc.

Which one you should spend on depends on your taste. Some safes are designed for specific models of weapons while others are made for compartment storage. Permanent safes are more expensive than portable ones. Similarly, hidden lockers are more expensive the mounted ones.

Why Are Gun Safes So Expensive?


Several factors come into play when determining the price of a gun safe. Please go through the following section to fully understand why these safes tend to get such a heavy price tag on them.

Size and Weight

How many guns do you own? Do you own rifles and other long barrel shooters? If yes, then you need a much larger safe for proper storage. Of course, a larger safe means larger investment, but that’s the price you got to pay for safety.

If you own a handgun, then a small security safe will do the job. But here’s the catch – some small handgun safes are heavier than large rifle storage safes. This is because they are jam-packed with way more security features than you can imagine. Not to mention the build material that also plays a huge role here. For more information check our article on what size safe should I buy?

To sum it up, safes should have enough storage space so that all of your guns can rest without cramming against each other. As far as weight is concerned, it should always be heavy enough to carry easily. After all, what’s the point of owning a gun safe that someone can steal as a whole?

Heavier safes are more expensive. On the contrary, safes that are easy to carry (lighter) will cost you less because it’s likely to get stolen. If you’re going to spend on gun safes, you might as well spend on one that’s worth the money.

Build Quality

Build quality refers to several things such as the material it’s built with, portability, locking-hardware, and rigidity in terms of mobility. Safes built out of premium materials will naturally cost you more.

What’s the worst thing that happens when a robber hacks your money-safe? You get robbed, and he gets rich. Now replace money-safe with a gun safe and imagine the worst-case scenario. We know, the images in your head are terrifying. This is yet another reason why we tend to agree on spending more on weapon safes.

Today, manufacturers also offer a discretion feature that helps your gun-safe hide in plain sight. Getting charged so much for premium builds can sound like a rip-off even when you have a healthy budget. But it’s a fair trade, considering the adversities a few hundred-bucks can save you from.

Security Measures

These measures consist of everything starting from the gate’s build to the material of the locking bolts/bars. Naturally, you’ll have to pay more when you go for higher security measures. The question is, how much more? Well, that depends on your desired level of security. The two most common sorts of locking mechanisms include the dial combination and digital combination.

Mechanical Dial Combination

Dial combinations have been in practice since World War II and regained popularity in the early 70s. More often than not, you will find these locks on the older safes. But don’t let that fool into underestimating them as they are more reliable among the two.

Digital Combination

This mechanism is more popular among young gun bearers and usually more expensive than mechanical dials. Digital locking requires more electronic setup. They are much more user friendly and easily accessible by anyone who knows the passcode. Not only is it expensive but bears a hefty installation charge as well.

Fire Proofing

Yet another price determinant for gun safes is fireproofing. Not all gun safes are fireproof, but the ones that are proofed usually costs a lot more. This characteristic has become one of the most sought after feature in modern safes.

There have been instances of guns setting off or even melting due to extreme heat from a house fire. On the other hand, some owners also reported that they found their guns intact after recovery from fire. Since you can’t vouch for whether you’ll need fireproofing or not, it’s better to be safe than sorry.

Discretion, Finishing, And Details

Lastly, small details such as engravings, steel plating, internal hinges, and bolting mechanism greatly affect the production cost of a safe. If the safe you’re looking at has these features, then it’s bound to cost more than usual.

The presence of a safe itself screams of attention. And if it manages to attract unwanted attention, it can get risky. The simple solution is to go for safes that don’t look like one. Or purchase a safe that fits ergonomically behind your cupboard door.

The sole purpose of safe is to offer you protection. But high-end safes will complement modern architecture as well. Gun bearers who want a wall-built safe tend to lean towards aesthetically pleasing safes. But with good looks and discretion-qualities comes a higher bill.

Wrapping It Up

Remember that a high-end gun safe is never a bad investment. The next time someone asks you, ‘Why are gun safes so expensive?’, you’ll be more than ready. Thanks for being such a fabulous reader! Today our journey ends here.

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