Where To Put A Safe In Your House? [Safety Guideline 2021]

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Many of us often struggle to find an appropriate place to keep our gun safe. We have to find such a place that can ensure maximum security while letting the owner access the safe pretty easily. It may be hard to figure out a place but don’t worry, we have some excellent ideas for where to put a safe in your house. So let’s dig in—

A strong and sturdy safe helps to keep your precious things safe and prevents them from stealing. If you don’t own one already or aren’t happy with your current safe, go ahead and check out our reviews on best gun safe reviews where you can find some excellent deals on gun safes and other types of safes.

You all might be wondering why should we care about keeping our safes at a protected place? Well, no matter how strong your safes are, the thieves may steal the whole safe and vanish it. So you should be careful about keeping it in a safe place. Without further ado, let’s check out our favorite places to hide a safe—

Where To Put A Safe In Your House

As we were saying, you should really think of keeping your safe at the right place. Because it is directly related to the safety of your precious belongings. If you don’t keep it in a protected area, chances are you may lose your precious things. Also, you shouldn’t keep it at such a place that will create a hassle for you to access the safe. Here are some of the best spots you can really keep in mind while installing your safe.

Where To Put A Safe In Your House

1. Inside Your Closet

The closet is by far the most common place to keep your safe. Most people install their safes in their bedroom closets without even thinking twice. And we think it’s an excellent idea since it both hides and protects the safe.

If your safe is tall and large in size, we suggest you make a separate compartment to keep the safe. And try to choose the lowest compartment to do so. Because it is quite heavy which may damage the closet. You can also choose the upper compartments if your safe is lightweight and smaller in size. That way, you even don’t have to make a separate compartment to keep it, just choose any rack and keep it there.

A closet acts as a double protection to your safe, because the closet lock adds an extra layer of security to your closet. Also, it hides your safe from public sight, so thieves cannot easily see the safe. Hence we think keeping your safe in your closet is definitely is an excellent idea.

2. Creating Hidden Compartments

This is also an excellent idea to keep your precious belongings safe from unauthorized people. We often see some brilliant hidden compartment ideas in movies and series, and many people actually follow that. You can follow such ideas to keep your safes too.

For this, you will need to ask your developer to make a custom made fake wall or fake closet so that you can easily manage it properly. You can hide the compartment behind a painting or mirror or make an entire hidden room behind your closet. If you have a large house and have multiple safes, we would definitely recommend making a hidden room to keep all that.

3. House Basement

Keeping the safe in the basement is also an amazing idea which many people follow. A house basement is not as easy to reach as a garage, so no outsider can instantly go to your basement. If you want to keep less precious but really important stuff like guns or papers, you can definitely choose your basement to keep your safe.

Keeping the safe in your house basement doesn’t require any added construction, so you won’t have to spend a penny to make a spot for your safe. You can keep any size safe in there, so you don’t have to worry about the size of your safe as well.

Another way you can keep your safe in your basement is by making a hidden underground compartment. This may require some additional construction works and labor. But it will definitely reward you with the highest security of your safe and the precious goods in it.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Your Safe

Keeping your safe at your preferred location is not the absolute step, you have to check for if it would be fruitful to keep it there. You really need to keep some important things in your mind to keep your guns well preserved. Here are some important things that you should think about before installing the safe.

Things To Keep In Mind Before Installing Your Safe


Humidity is the most notorious culprit to destroy your precious belongings. From guns to documents, humidity is a definite enemy for them. So you should really make sure to choose a place that is quite high and dry to save it from moisture.

Humidity often results in rust in metal goods and impair their functions. So humidity is the absolute last thing you should allow to get into your safe. Try not to choose any place that has a high risk of getting flooded, for example, your house basement. Though your basement is an excellent place to keep your safe, you can’t keep your safes in there if it often gets flooded or stays damp.

Humidity can even damage your safes if it isn’t made with stainless steel material. We always suggest choosing stainless steel safes to keep it as it is forever. That way you can use the safe for several generations.


You definitely should keep your safe away from fire, it’s not because of the safety of the goods, it’s because of your own safety. If you keep flammable stuff in your safe like gun powder or bullets, it will further increase the fire if your house catches fire. Also, the stuff in the safe will get destroyed pretty easily.

For that, try to skip the places that may catch or have the risk of catching fire. For example, you should always keep the safes away from the fireplace or your alcohol shelf. These things are pretty flammable, so you should keep yourself aware of that.

You can kind of avoid this hassle if you get a fireproof or fire-rated safe. These types of safes protect its inside things from getting affected by the fire. Sounds pretty great, doesn’t it? You can check out our reviews on best fireproof safe reviews to choose the best product for keeping your products safe from fire.

Where Not To Put A Safe In Your House

Just like you should know where to put a safe in your house, you should know where not it put it as well. Our list has a number of pretty shocking spots that are highly common, but we don’t recommend those places at all. So let’s check out the places.

Where Not To Put A Safe In Your House

Master Bedroom:

A master bedroom would be the first spot that any burglar would sneak into for finding your safe. Since it is a pretty common spot where everyone keeps their safes, bedrooms are the absolute first place they target. So we always suggest to avoid the master bedroom to keep your safe.

However, you still can keep your safe in your master bedroom. As we suggested, you can build up some hidden spots or compartments to keep your safe. That way, even your family won’t know about the place unless you tell them. For more information check out our article on how to secure a safe in an apartment.


A lot of people keep their safe in the garage since they can’t find any suitable spot in their main house. But keeping it in your garage will not be safe at all.

The garage is the easiest place to break into, and most people often forget to lock their garage door. So the burglars can access the safe and vanish it pretty easily. That is why we do not recommend putting your safe in your garage.

Living Room:

A living room would not be a good idea to keep your safe too. Some people have to keep their safes in living room for space issue. Also, some people keep it in the living room for show-off purposes too. But we don’t recommend it since everyone will easily know its location and steal goods from your safe.

Frequently Asked Questions

Should I Keep A Gun Safe In Garage?

We strongly stand against keeping any safe or gun safe in the garage. Garages are easier to break into and the burglar will be able to disappear the whole safe pretty effortlessly.

How To Make Hidden Closets?

You can easily hide any wall closet by simply hanging a large painting on it or you can hang a pretty giant mirror too. Although we strongly recommend taking help from any construction developer to get the best result.

What Is The Best Place To Keep A Gun Safe?

Any hidden or secret place would be a perfect place to keep a gun safe. You can build a hidden closet or hidden room to provide the maximum security to your gun safes.

How To Make Fake Walls?

You can buy fake walls from online or any construction store. If you can’t find any, take help from your construction developer and ask them to make a fake wall for you.

How To Build A Secret Room In Basement?

You can make a secret room by making an underground space in your basement. Make a hidden or secret door to close and protect that area. You can also ask your construction developer to make it for you.

So that’s all for the list of our favorite spots to put a safe our house. From now, you definitely won’t have to worry ever again about where to put a safe in your house. Keep your safe at the appropriate place today! Stay safe.

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