Where to Put a Gun Safe in Your House?

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A gun is too dangerous to put in a closet or a bedside table all the time. You must keep it in a gun safe and put that in a secure place to avoid unwanted issues. Determining the optimal place for the gun safe can be a tricky job if you’re doing it the first time. As you’ll keep money, records, jewelry other than weapons in it, knowing where to put a gun safe in your house is crucial.

There are several ideal places to put your gun safe depending on what type of house and arrangements you have. Some may suggest you put the gun safe in garage or bedroom but those aren’t very ideal places to me. Stick to the article, I’ll help you decide where you’re putting your first gun safe with maximum security.

Where to Put a Gun Safe in Your House

Choosing the ideal place for gun safes is crucial, but it becomes easier when you know the boxes to check. Here is where to put a gun safe in your house and the things to know before you do that:


Put it in the Basement

The best place to put a safe in your house is the basement where it has the least attention. Both the burglars and the curious people usually pay attention to the bedroom when it comes to finding some treasure. Plus, if the house sets on fire and you have a wooden floor, the safe’s going to end up in the basement anyway.

Putting the safe in the basement also gets you better security because the place usually has a sturdier base. You can bolt it firmly, hide it properly, and most of all, people above the basement are safe when it sets on fire. The bullets won’t harm, the papers may get a longer time to catch on fire. However, if the basement has an environment too humid or excessive moisture, avoid putting the safe there.

Consider a corner or a wall

If you’re putting the gun safe in the basement, put it in the best place within the basement. The best place in a basement for a gun safe is the corner, or at least against a wall. Putting it in the corner will help you keep it away from the people and also keep it clutter-free. If the house catches on fire, the rescue team may arrive before the fire gets there or a heavy item falls on it.

Upper floors

If the basement isn’t possible for you or you don’t have a basement, a room on the upper floor is an option. The store room or the least-used room with fewer chances for fire or water should do the job. However, you got a few other things to think of while installing the safe in such room as well.

Upper floors

First, decide an optimal place for the safe and prepare the place to get started. Find a place where you can hide the bare structure of the safe; get a camouflage for it if possible. For example, you can place it in your storeroom where the thieves or burglars won’t consider sneaking.

Consider the floor load

While installing the safe, you must not forget the load your safe has for the floor. The floor must be capable enough to hold on to the safe without struggling. If the floor can hold the safe with supplies inside, you can trust it as a safe place for your gun safe.

In the bedroom

Have you noticed that nobody pays attention to the bedroom when you’re having a party at your home? Well, that’s natural because people are there to enjoy the moment, they don’t need the bedroom for that. Okay, that’s for curious people, but what about the burglars and thieves who promptly go to the bedroom?

The best way to avoid such issues is to give it a good camouflage to avoid direct contact. You can put it under the closet if it’s a small safe or gets it an extra room inside the closet. Another good place is a corner with other furniture where it’s not usual to put a gun safe.

Consider a false outlook

You must keep your gun safe in a place where it doesn’t attract people, especially thieves and burglars. The best practice is to give it a false outlook where it looks like something else rather than a safe. For example, create a dressing, a bedside table, or a closet larger than the safe and keep it hollow inside. Then, put the furniture above the safe or assemble it that way and give a good final touch.

Gun safe installation for beginners

Owning a gun safe for the first time can be overwhelming; proper knowledge of setting it up is crucial. Here are the things you must keep in mind while installing a gun safe in your house for the first time:


Consider fire damage

The first thing to keep in mind while putting a gun safe in your house whether it’s safe from fire or not. Don’t put the gun safe in a room where a fire could start like the kitchen or a room with a fireplace. It’s also true when you’re putting it on an upper floor while a possible fire-room is underneath it. The best option is keeping it in a corner of the basement where the fire will barely have anything to burn. Plus, ensure that it’s not directly under a room where the fire may get fast.

Keeping out from flood and humidity

You should put the gun safe away from humidity, water, or even moisture; or the situation would damage the inside. If you’re putting in the basement, you can use a concrete slab under the safe to keep it safe from water. Use enough thick a slab the water could reach if the sump pump goes wrong. If you’re wondering what to put under gun safe on concrete to avoid moisture or humidity, it’s a rubber base above the slab.

Anchoring the gun safe

Thieves and burglars usually try to take the entire safe away and open it up later in his place. You have to keep them from lifting the safe and taking it away from your basement by anchoring it. Most gun safes come with shipping pallets, use them to anchor the safe down to the floor. Be sure to use sturdy bolts for anchoring and don’t forget to install the slabs and base before this.

Theft protection

One of the main purposes of getting the gun safe in the first place is keeping it away from the thieves. Follow some innovative ways to find your way to keep it away from them. The basement is the finest place to keep hidden; use a narrow space like a concrete concealer from around. Another place could be the living room or store room with a proper hideout to keep it away from direct eye contact.

Keeping things inside

A gun safe isn’t only for keeping guns inside; it also comes in handy when it comes to keeping other valuable things safe. Things like agreement papers, legal documents, patents, confidential data aren’t safe outside a safe! No matter what you’re putting inside, don’t forget to keep an order to keep them safe from each other. Keep the guns facing towards the exterior wall if loaded and the papers on the top shelf. It will keep them dry if water or humidity gets the bottom of the gun safe.

Final advice

Keeping it away from those who might misuse it is as crucial as owning it in the first place. You should invest in a gun safe right after getting the gun so that no unwelcome hand gets to it. But the question is, where to put a gun safe in your house where it’ll stay hidden and safe from damages?

Well, I hope you’ve got the idea for the place where the gun safe is the safest in your house from this article. In a nutshell, the place has to be out of dangers like fire, water, humidity, or moisture. Plus, it should be outside the eyes of burglars, that’s for sure!

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