What Size Safe Should I Buy? A Complete Guidelines in 2021

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Do you need a safe? And are you sure about the right size and type of it? Safe stores are occupied with different brands and features, but which one is suitable for us? In reply to your query what size safe should i buy? We will share our knowledge with you. 

Choosing the perfect safe needs some basic knowledge on safety. We have years of experience on safety issues and are going to make your way easy to choose the right one. So, nothing to worry about. We will make the answer available for your need. 

What Size Safe Should I Buy?

Before you go for buying a safe, you first fix which size you need. Ask yourself Do I need a safe? It is not like you visit a store having various models and pick any color that I like. You need to know the safety issues and benefits of each size. In this place you need to consult with experts. 

What size safe should I buy

What size safe should I buy? could be a critical question for you but to us, it is an everyday work. We are dealing with gun safe manufacturing and safety issues for the last few years and come with the necessary knowledge for you. You need to go through some technical criteria before selecting one. Come on have a look at the checklist.

Things To Know About Safe

As you are in trouble deciding about what size home safe should I buy, we are going to share our cheat sheet with you. We generally assess the need of each safe from the checklist and pick the perfect one. 


  • All the safe are not made equal. There are 10-12 gauge steel and also 16-18 gauge steel plates used for making safe. When you are upto keeping important documents, a safe with a more secured plate is not the solution. You can go for a 16-18 gauge plate made safe, too. 
  • If you are upto what size safe should I buy for cash storage, then you need a larger fireproof safe. Always look for the U.L rated fireproof safe to keep your money and documents safe. Specially a gun safe needs to be large and need to be easy for handling. 
  • Fireproof safe are weak and not effective for protecting from burglars. These can be easily sawed or cut with simple hand tools. So, the requirements changed to anti burglar fire safe. Keep an eye on it.
  • Size is also an important matter, choose the size depending on the requirement. If you want to put some cash and document, a smaller one will do. So, no need to buy a bigger one like a gun safe. For putting gun, it need to be  steady and easy to carry. Always empty the safe when transferring from one place to another. 
  • Rating is always a considerable fact. Try to pick one with above U.L RSC rating. You can for sure go for C-Rate, UL TL-15 and even UL-TL 30 if you can spend some extra bucks. 
  • Choose wisely between floor and wall safe. If you want to be safe from fire then get a wall safe. And never forget to place it in a safe corner and anchor it. It will buy you some extra time from burglars. 

So, if you are still worrying about the question what size safe do i need? Now you have enough clue to make a move. You can easily choose which type of safe you need and give the right dive. For keeping your Safe hidden and secure you can use extra caution and safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions (FAQs)

What is the perfect safe for personal home use?

You will need to choose a safe that matches your expected size and type of need. Considering the fact of document type, fire safety and burglar issue, you can choose a right safe from variants from the store. 

How much fire protection do I need in a safe?

For the safety of document and cash, you need to choose a U.L rated fireproof safe. It will give you fire protection and will assist you to 

Should you have a safe at home?

If you consider not to keep important documents in the locker of the bank, then yes you need a safe at home. It might be a small one but will give you the confidence of safety at home. 

Final Verdict

We started the discussion with your question of what size safe should I buy? According to that, we have shared our long years of knowledge and experience with you to have the best results. Now, you can go for the right one that will serve you best. So, go and pick the perfect safe for your home!

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