What Scope Do You Need for 500 Yards?

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A scope is a telescopic optical sighting device. For an accurate aiming position, you can generally find it on rifles, firearms. For hunting and shooting, you have to ensure the right scope for experiencing and making the best out of it on the field

The 500 yards mark can turn out to be a tough nut to crack if you are not well aware of its basics. On top of that you need to be sure that your scope is enough flexible to handle its changing positions. We are here to answer your queries regarding what scope do you need for 500 yards.

To pick up the best scope will not be an easy task to perform certainly but we believe our research and picks from the long list available in the market will make the task a little easier for you. So without any further delay, let us dig into it.

What Scope Do You Need For 500 Yards


Before you make your mind on your pick for the best rifle scope within 500 yards, you must take a good look at the following factors and essential. If you’re still confused about choosing one, go see our post on best rifle scope reviews and check out some extraordinary scopes that we featured.

Good Quality Lenses

Quality lenses are a must to achieve great performance in the field. Besides, edge to edge clearance, scratch resistance, anti-reflection needs to be guaranteed.

Light Transmission

This feature is an important one and it may or may not be present in your favorable scope. The presence of an illuminated reticle would give you a wonderful advantage on the field. You can get clear and bright images under low light through this feature.

Range Of Magnification

Having a proper and appropriate magnification range is very necessary for a scope. This enables you to achieve perfect shooting and accurate targets from distant places.

Adjustable Turrets

Scope with turrets can be easily adjusted by fingers. You may frequently elevate and windage turrets. Moreover, you are allowed to decide accurate and quick adjustments by a great scope with movable turrets.

Eye Relief

Your rifle scope needs to have a sufficient amount of space between the scope & your eye. With generous eye relief, you can keep your eyebrows protected. No chance of recoil, impact, eye strain on the field even if you spend a long time in it.

Parallax Adjustment

Parallax adjustment allows this hook to change and make the right adjustments without shooting positions. This is another important consideration in choosing the best scope.

Long-Lasting Construction

The durability of a scope is the key to making your journey worthwhile. The scope must be made from durable components. O-ring sealed and nitrogen purged scopes will prevent dust and foreign particles from entering the scope. Strong durability will maintain quality.

Shock-proof, waterproof, fog-proof scopes are easily available in the market now. This will help you save money for future purchases.


Warranty is a very helpful thing. It helps you to receive the best service from your product. Through warranty, you are confirmed of one fact that you have utilised your money in the right place.
You have to read a warranty card thoroughly to check the details before your purchase. You will be able to gain maximum output by applying different warranty programs for different distributors.


Price does not make a huge difference in this case. Since the scopes contain more or less the same features and do not differ much at functioning, that’s why looking at the price section might help you to reach a decision.

The Significance Of Scopes For 500 Yards

You need a gun scope with a 500 yards range for denoting your target precisely & quickly. For a better experience in shooting there is no alternative to using scopes. If you face problems aiming right at the target then acquiring a scope from a distance on the field can help you solve your confusion.


For those who lack proper good vision, luckily scopes can prove to be beneficial in the yard. Sometimes, it can be a little tough to aim for your shot while moving through long distances. Using a scope can offer you with great lenses and optic solutions to achieve that goal. You can be supported by the adjustable eyepiece on the scopes for 500 yards to find desired targets easily.

If you don’t want to compromise with short-range shots then you should go for longer-range options. Scopes give control of the situation in your hand and perhaps along with more accuracy, you can undoubtedly achieve any win and bag numerous competitions.

How To Identify A Great Scope For 500 Yards

With the improving technology in the 21st century, scopes for 500 yards are plenty in number in the market with advanced features and qualities. However, there are some common features that are essential and will certainly help you identify the best scope from the crowd.

The durability of a scope helps to determine the longevity of the service. Clear optics and the fully multi-coated lens is also necessary. Under the fadest light, you can obtain optimal clarity and bright images for shooting. Easily movable turrets are a must in case of scope for making required adjustments as the scenario demands.


Most importantly, you need flexibility in shooting at any distance, for that the proper magnification range is very crucial. Another feature that is parallax adjustment enables you to make quick settings without altering your shooting position.

There are several options for the beautiful designs and structure of the scopes for 500 yards. Not only the layouts but also the quality must attract buyers. Construction and manufacturing of the scopes must be top-notch and should come with a guarantee to provide excellent service under any pressure or limitations. It should be able to meet all your requirements and solely persuade your taste.

The Correct Magnification For Your Scope

Talking about which scope you should finalize for 500 yards, you simply cannot forget the immensely vital role magnification plays in this regard. Having the right magnification is as crucial as any other feature to achieve great precision and accuracy.

An ideal count of the minimum magnification of any gun scope is 5x and it could go up to a maximum of 18x. You may need higher magnification if your target is small in magnitude or if you are shooting at a fairly long distance. This depends on the target entirely and based on that you have to fix your magnification.


On the other hand, you should keep in mind that higher magnification tends to reduce the view field in that concern. What is more important that you have to ensure a wider magnification from an early perspective so that you can change it whenever you wish in certain situations.

Apart from this, you can also easily vouch for a minimum magnification of 2x up to 16x. This range is relatively enough for shooting from different lengths. On the contrary, you are made conscious enough to select scopes outside 500 yards.

You must know what you want in your intended scope that will supply the maximum amount of utility that it can. As a result, the overall capability of the scope entirely depends on your choice. As it is a matter of future investment, we will suggest you choose wisely as much as possible.

We have tried our best to provide you with necessary and fundamental information about 500-yard scopes through our intense and advanced research. With the help of the list of factors and relevant remarks we hope you will be able to differentiate between the scopes and get your hand on one of this desired machinery.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Fix A Cloudy Scope?

To fix a cloudy or blurry scope, first, you’ll need to find out the reason why it has become cloudy. Fix the parts or clean them to make your scopes clear as before. You may need to dry the moisture out of the scope if it comes in contact with any fluid.

How To Mount A Scope?

You can easily mount a gun scope or a rifle scope by installing mounts on your airgun or rifle. Buy a suitable mount according to your scope model and install it. Then attach your scope to mount and adjust it according to your preference.

Why Are Rifle Scopes So Expensive?

There are a lot of reasons for a rifle scope being expensive. Expensive material and build quality, plus some rifle scope consist of digital parts or instruments which further elevates the cost.

How Do You Adjust A Rifle Scope?

You can easily adjust your rifle scope using the adjustment knobs on it. There are two adjustment knobs called the elevation adjustment & windage adjustment and they are used to make vertical and side to side adjustments respectively.

How To Clean A Gun Scope?

You can easily clean a gun scope using soft cotton clothes or hair brushes. If your gun scope is affected by fungus, you can use hot water to clean that out.

So there goes our elaborated presentation on what scope do you need for 500 yards. We hope now you’ll get to choose the right scope and improve your performance & aim to a great extent. So we urge you not to waste any more time and buy your preferable scope today!

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