What Is The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe 2021

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Many of us need to hide & store our guns but don’t have a safe due to budget or space issue. Hence, we have to find an effective idea to store our guns in order to keep them safe. But What is the best way to store guns without a safe? At the end of this post, you’ll discover it yourself.

Buying a safe has always been the best idea to store & hide a gun, therefore most people actually prefer buying a good quality safe. If you step back from buying a safe for only budget issues, don’t worry. Go ahead & check out our post on best gun safe reviews where you can find numerous gun safe deals that are compatible with your budget.

Anyways, if you still want to store your guns without a safe, we have some pretty creative ideas to store them. Our goal is to keep our guns at such a place that nobody will find out or won’t have any risk of getting stolen. So, without further ado, let’s hop on to the ideas—

What Is The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

As we were saying, the best way of storing your gun will be at such a place that nobody will have easy access. That way you can protect your guns from both stealing, misusing, or accidental using. The place needs to be quite protected, but still, it should let you reach your gun quickly.

What Is The Best Way To Store Guns Without A Safe

From our experience, we do have some excellent ideas for where you should keep your guns. Though we always prefer gun safes to keep the guns, these places are also able to provide you with a decent security of your guns. Here are some locations that you can consider storing your guns—

Cupboard Locker

A cupboard/ closet locker is one of the most basic and most common places to keep a gun. This is the place where most people actually keep their guns until they buy a gun safe or gun cabinet. A cupboard locker can definitely protect your guns from potential theft and accidental use.

If you have a well protected cupboard lock, you can definitely consider using this for keeping your guns. Usually, the cupboard or closet drawers have key locks, which cannot provide maximum protection. But still, it can reduce the risk of getting it stolen or other people accessing the gun.

If you have babies or pets in your house, your cupboard drawer will definitely block them from reaching your gun. If your closet doesn’t have a strong lock, then you can install a stronger lock too. That way, you can resist them from breaking into the lock.

If your cupboard or closet doesn’t have any safety compartment, you can also install it easily. Ask your carpenter to make a safety compartment with a strong locking system. And that’s how you can use your cupboard to protect your guns.

Gun Cabinet

A gun cabinet is a pretty common name to gun enthusiasts, people often buy it to show off their firearm collection. This cabinet can also be an excellent way of storing your gun. That way you can both exhibit and protect your precious guns.

A gun cabinet has some notable similarities with a gun safe, but they’re different in a lot of aspects. If you’re curious to know the differences, check out the difference between a gun safe & a gun cabinet which elaborated a detailed comparison between them.

Gun Cabinet

A gun cabinet is pretty good for storing guns because it can protect the gun from damaging factors like humidity or rusting. There are many gun cabinets that are water resistant or it’s pretty easy to install a dehumidifier inside your gun cabinet. It also provides enough protection to keep the guns out of reach from kids and pets.

The best part of having a gun cabinet is definitely showcasing. Most hunters like to brag about their hunting and gun cabinet is the perfect way to do that. You can keep your hunting rifles and air guns in there, which will make you famous in your neighborhood.

Anyways, we all know a gun cabinet doesn’t provide a strong protection like a gun safe. The glass door and weak locking system will take no time to steal the guns. But if you have a strongly secured home to put back the intruders, you can definitely think of getting a gun cabinet.

Gun Case

A gun case is also a popular way to store your guns, which you can easily buy from any gun store. Gun cases are usually found in different designs and materials, which protects the gun from damage while storing it. Gun cases are pretty handy and portable, so you can take it anywhere you want.

Gun Case

Another excellent thing about gun cases is anyone can hide them quite easily. It is small in size, so you can keep it anywhere like your closet or in your locker. Also, you can find secret gun cases, which will help you hide the case easily.

For example, a book shaped gun case can be easily stored in your bookshelf and nobody can ever find it unless they know.

You can also buy a customized gun case shaped like a guitar case and violin case, which will hide your gun efficiently. They are also pretty excellent for saving your guns from humidity. So you can definitely think of buying a gun safe to keep your guns well protected.

Locker Box/ Security Box

Most of us have a locker box or a security box to keep our precious goods safe from burglars. Just like that, you can keep your smaller firearms like pistols or revolvers in your locker box.

A locker box is usually smaller in size, so you cannot store larger firearms like rifles or shotguns. Also, a locker box doesn’t provide any sort of water protection, which may damage the gun. But it’s quite excellent for protecting your gun from theft. So you can definitely consider keeping your gun in the storage box.

So there goes our take on what is the best way to store guns without a safe. With these ideas, you won’t have to face much hassle for storing your guns ever again. Don’t forget to tell us which one you chose to store your precious guns. Stay safe.

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