What Do The Numbers Mean on a Rifle Scope?

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In 1760 to sometime between 1820 and 1840 the industrial revolution had taken place. From that time the modern era has started where the technological improvements were taking place. Now, without technology we cannot imagine our life. From daily uses products to Business products we need technology everywhere.

From the history, we get the information that the first rifle scope was made in 1776 though it wasn’t successful. However, before answering the question “What do the numbers mean on a rifle scope”, let’s get some information about Rifle Scope.

What Is Rifle Scope?

Rifle Scope helps us to see something clearly from a very distant location. So people can use it for taking photos or shooting something. The idea of this product came first from the American Civil War. Since then, many things have developed where a new technology was introduced. The new thing that helped them at that time was the telescopic sight where it is normally known as a scope.

What Is Rifle Scope

History Of Rifle Scopes

As we know from the above information that the first rifle scope was made in 1776. Charles Wilson Peale made it and it wasn’t successful. Because there was a possibility that it could hurt the user’s eyes.

After that in 1830, Morgan James combined telescopic technology with a rifle and it was successful. John R Chapman published his book The Improved American Rifle in 1844 where he wrote about James’ work.

In 1855, William Malcolm introduced a new model with lots of development of this rifle scope. The modern rifle scope comes from William Malcolm’s model. In Malcolm’s rifle scope the sight was utilized as an achromatic lens.

Parts Of A Rifle Scope

A rifle scope has different parts. So when these are in together only then the scope will work properly. Here the parts:

  • Objective Lens.
  • Windage Adjustment.
  • Elevation Adjustment.
  • Erector Lenses.
  • Power Selector Ring.
  • Ocular Lens.
  • Eyepiece Assembly.

How does Rifle Scope work?

Rifle Scopes work quite similar like telescopes. You will find it when lightly passes through the objective lens. Now you can focus down into a point within the scope. It is known as focal point.

How Rifle Scope works

After focusing on the image you can capture it by the “picture reversal assembly” or erector lens. This system will help to turn over the image properly. Here it sends light to the magnifying lens.

While you increasing the magnification at the same time the magnifying lens will moves towards the objective lens. On the other, when you lowering it then it will be backward toward the ocular lens. Finally, by looking into the eyepiece you can see the image since, the rifle scope helps to get it. Now you can take can fire something.

What Is The Best Rifle Scope To Buy?

There are many rifle scopes that will deliver excellent services to you. After deep research & hands on experiment, we made our own list of best rifle scopes. They are—

  • Tactical Optics: Trijicon TA11 3.5×35
  • Hunting Scopes: Burris Fullfield II 3-9x40mm
  • 3 Gun Scope: Vortex Optics Strike Eagle 1-6x24mm
  • Long Range Shooting: Schmidt & Bender PMII 5-25 56mm
  • Home Defense: Aimpoint Patrol Rifle Optic (PRO)
  • Rimfire Scopes: Monstrum 3-9×32 Rifle Scope

What Do The Numbers Mean On A Rifle Scope?

It contains many numbers which are basically helps to get clearer image. Mainly there are two parts of its number.

What Do The Numbers Mean On A Rifle Scope

  • One is Magnification power of the scope and
  • Two is Diameter of the objective.

We can see some example of this scope above.

Let’s try to find the meaning now. If we look at the 3-9X 40 scopes then the first number we can see is 3. Here its means three power or 3X which means you can see an image three times clears than the naked eye. After 3, we can see there is a number 9 and it means the nine powers. We can also say it as nine times.

On the other hand, we can say that you can see nine times closer than it appears with your naked eye. Now if we see the last number it is 40. But what is the meaning of it? The 40 symbolize the objective lens diameter in millimeters. This explanation is same for the other number of a rifle scope. However, the using are differ based on the number, type and size.

How To Take Care Of A Rifle Scope?

You should take care of you scope otherwise it may create accidents or problems. Here some tips of taking care of rifle scope:

How To Take Care Of A Rifle Scope

  • Try to clean the scope regularly
  • Always use smooth brash while wiping out the dust
  • Check the safety and security of the scope
  • While storing the rifle scope please try to wrap up with plastic bag
  • Hold the rifle strongly at the time of hunting
  • While transporting the rifle scope then place it in a padded bag

To keep the rifle scope fit and active all time you have follow these

  • Wiping out regularly
  • Aware with nature
  • Always use the plastic cover

Some common mistakes that you should know about taking care of your rifle scopes

  • Always try to avoid using paper for cleaning a scope
  • Try to avoid home practice
  • Be careful when you are using the transportation
  • Always try to avoid to put your rifle scope on the log

Frequently Asked Questions:

Using a rifle scope isn’t as hard as it seems, but many of you are still confused about a few things about rifle scope. Here are some questions that some of you asked us about rifle scopes—

What Do Scope Numbers Mean?

The numbers on your rifle scope represent the magnification & the diameter of the lens in milimeter. Together you can use this number to calculate the distance of your target from you.

What Is The Warranty On A CenterPoint Rifle Scope?

All the Centerpoint rifle scopes have a limited lifetime warranty, that means it will not cover any damage on the rifle scope. Check out the Crosman website for their warranty rules & regulations.

What Is The Reticle On The Scope Box?

Reticle is the dots & lines you see on a rifle scope. You can aim your target if you have reticles on the scope box.

Wrapping It Up

Now we can conclude that technology always makes life easier and it began in 18th century.  Rifle Scope is one of the technologies which was discovered at that time. Though the 19th century’s new model of rifle scope was the ancestor of modern scope. However, the usage of it is increasing day by day.

At present we can find different types of rifle scope with different numbers. Based on these numbers we can use it for various purposes. The numbers are representing how clearly and closely we can see things. With these numbers we can see well than what we can see with our bare eyes, so you should definitely know what do the numbers mean on a rifle scope. Happy shooting!

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