6 Types of Gun Safe Locks – Complete Guideline 2021

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Although many people overlook the lock type while buying a gun safe, it’s as crucial as the steel body. If the lock is defective or even low quality, it might be unable to access the safe, or maybe worse; no access at all! You may end up empty-handed while you need your gun or papers the most while they’re inside the safe.

Before you face that frustration, knowing about different types of gun safe locks is the best thing you can do. This article will introduce you to your options for lock types when you go shopping next time. Stick to the article, I’ll help you with the knowledge that never fails like a wrongly chosen gun safe lock.

Types Of Gun Safe Locks

Gun safes are the tools that keep your most important belonging safe from unwanted access or reach. Therefore, getting the right lock is crucial, and here are the types of gun safe locks you’ll get while shopping for one:

Types Of Gun Safe Locks

Key Locks

Gun safe locks with keys are obviously the most commonly known types of safe locks and the most inexpensive option as well. However, the major protection issue doesn’t really give a key lock mechanism a firm stands as a gun safe lock.

Yet, there are gun safes available with key locks, so it can not be ignored mentioned in the list. Nevertheless, you can still use a gun safe with a key lock mechanism. If you’re not going to use it like a volt or actually storing the gun or confidential data, you can go for it.

Mechanical Combination Locks

When it comes to the most common type of gun safe locks, mechanical combination safe locks would be the first one. This old-school combination locking mechanism is still dominating the gun safe market, credit goes to its dependability.

Mechanical Combination Locks

Another reason for its popularity is longevity and reliability as it doesn’t come with electronic mechanisms inside. However, the only con (also a good thing for some) to this type is the time it takes to open the lock. You have to tune the dial 4-5 times to match the actual combination and open the gun safe mechanical lock.

Electronic keypad Locks

Now for the latest technology in gun safes that eliminates the unlock latency issue for the combination locks. I’m talking about the electronic keypad locks that are actually becoming more popular because of the latest innovations in electronics.

These locks come with a keypad and a locking mechanism that needs a battery to run. That’s where it earns its bad reputation, it can fail if the battery or the internal electronic mechanism fails. If you’re planning to get one, be sure to get it from a very reliable brand without falling for a lower price range.

Electronic Combination locks

These locks are combinations of electronic keypads and combinations where the manufacturers incorporate them both in the mechanism. These are great for those who’re skeptical about their security and want only the best out of it.Electronic Combination locks

You’ll have to put in your security number first to unlock the electronic lock, then move onto the combination. For the combination, it can either be a full-fledge combination or a dummy one. If it’s a dummy, just a twist is all it takes, but a functional combination has another layer of security.

Biometric Lock

As technology gets smarter day by day, we’re seeing more of the biometric lock designs getting popular. Although biometric wasn’t so dependable back in the days, it’s clearly the future since your fingerprint stays with you. As the biometric locks on gun safes use only fingerprints, there is no chance of forgetting combinations or pins.

Biometric Lock

However, biometric gun safes use electricity and circuits where both of them have their reputation for being vulnerable to hackers. If you’re getting a gun safe with a biometric lock mechanism, don’t look for cheap, look for quality. Be sure to buy the safe from a renowned manufacturer that doesn’t have a reputation for failing.

Multi-level lock mechanisms

When it comes to high-end industrial vault or gun safe lock mechanisms, multi-stage lock mechanisms are seen quite often. These locks combine different types of locks in a single lock mechanism and have multiple unlocking stages.

First, you may have to dial the electronic keypad, then work on the combination lock, and finally unlock with a fingerprint. Some high-tech vaults and safes also incorporate iris retina scanning features.

Frequently Asked Questions

People who’re getting gun safes usually have a ton of questions inside which need to be answered. Here are some of them along with the answers; see if you can relate to one and get benefited:

Are electronic locks on gun safes reliable?

Electronic locks on gun safe are becoming so reliable it will surely replace the combination locks and traditional key locks. Get your safe from a reputed manufacturer to get the best.

Which is safer combination lock or key lock?

Key locks are more traditional compared to the combination locks and fewer secure as well. As long as security goes, even with some bad reputations, combination locks still surpass the key.

Are digital safe locks secure?

Digital safe locks like biometric lock mechanism, electronic keypad, and redundant locks are safer than other options. They even surpass combination locks sometimes.

How long does a safe lock you out for?

If you cannot put the right pin into the lock, the electronic mechanism will lock out the safe for 5 minutes. Don’t push any button within that period and Refrain until your 5 minutes go by.

Can a locksmith open a combination safe?

Yes, if you forget a combination lock mechanism at some point, getting help from a locksmith can be a good solution. Any good locksmith who has experiences with combinations can do it.


To sum up the article, these are the main gun safe lock types that you can get today. However, there are some common other types of lock mechanisms worth mentioning such as time locks and delayed locks. These locks aren’t common for regular users; rather they’re seen in banks, sensitive vaults, and other sectors.

As you now have the whole idea about the types of gun safe locks, I’m sure you’ll be able to choose the right one for yourself. Best of luck for your next shopping for the best gun safe with the right type of lock mechanism.

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