Rifle Scope Cleaning Kit: High Maintenance High Reward 2021

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You reading this post is a clear indication of your scope ownership. It also means – you know that scopes are crucial for your rifle’s performance. Keeping its lenses clean and perfect for use can be considered one of the most essential maintenance works for gun owners. So they deserve nothing but the best rifle scope cleaning kit.

You’ll most likely use a scope outdoors. We know that outdoors are full of dust, muds, small bugs, strange little fibers, etc. Several unwanted factors will come on to affect your scope. Most scopes can withstand all these but need regular cleaning for the best scoping experience. Here is an elaborate yet precise approach to the entire thing.

How Does A Scope Work?

Scopes are used to focus on your target, so that you can hit that bullseye every time. Now let us know how scope work and how shooters actually use them. Scopes come in different magnifications based on your choice. Some have 3-9 times magnification, while several can go even higher. Here 3-9 means that the target will magnify 3 to 9 times larger than regular.

How Does A Scope Work

Now, there are two lenses in the scope. One focuses on the target, and the other one magnifies it for a clear shot. Let us discuss the focus of the scope for now, that is situated in the scope’s eyepiece. It draws focus on the reticle that you are looking at. So it not only sharpens on a target, but it also takes care of the parallax.

Now, what is parallax? When you are looking at a target downrange, the scope’s reticle is not on the same plane as the mark. The parallax frees it and creates a definite shot for you. That means parallax makes a permanent focus on the target. So if you move your head, it still keeps an accurate focus for you on the bounty.

To contribute further, the second lens magnifies your target. So both the eyepiece lenses are needed to be kept cleanly and spotlessly for the best possible outcome.

Rifle Scope: High Maintenance High Reward

The scope is the main element for you to have a proper aim at your target. It focuses on the mark, magnifies, and stabilizes your bullet projections. As a result, you get a real good hit. So maintenance is actually quite a critical element for your firearm.

Rifle Scope: High Maintenance High Reward

Remember, the more carefully and correctly you clean a scope, the better shot at your target you’ll get. Thus having a clean and spotless scope is a must. Both the focus lens and the magnification lens must have a good clean now and then. Especially whenever you are taking it outside.

Let me explain why keeping it clean is so important. Let’s assume you are playing soccer. During the game, something goes into your eye. The disturbance hinders your vision, and as a result, you lose control of the ball and miss your shoot towards the goal post.

The same thing happens with your scope if it is not cleaned. If there are any unwanted dust particles or a spot on the lens, it fails to focus on the target. That way the perspective of the lens to the target is not accurate anymore. These dust particles block the scope’s accuracy on target. As a result, you might most certainly end up missing your mark.

This is why maintaining a scope is so important. The better you treat your scope, the better service it will provide. It’s okay if it gets dirty, but knowing the right way to clean your scope is more important. Because if you don’t learn proper scope-keeping, you could end up damaging it.

Taking Care Of Your Rifle Scope

Since you’re still with us, we can assume that you’re a responsible gun owner. But we still want you to know that with the sheer strength of a gun comes the duty of taking proper care of it.There’s an old saying that goes – ‘With great power come great responsibilities.’

Is A Rifle Scope Cleaning Kit Handy?

A Rifle scope cleaning kit is for cleaning your scope in the approved manner without letting any harm come its way. We can call it a first aid kit for your rifle scope, which keeps it in perfect shape for a sharp sight. Now the question is, is a rifle scope cleaning kit really necessary?

Is A Rifle Scope Cleaning Kit Handy

The answer is yes, obviously a rifle scope cleaning kit is handy. Cleaning a scope using any regular clothes will damage your sharp sight. So having equipment only to clean your scope is a must. So let us get right into it.

Let me clarify to you why a kit is needed to clean a scope. First of all, the scope’s lenses are sensitive. So directly using any piece of cloth will end up living scratches on the lens. Even using a recommended material first would be a bad idea as well.

If the lenses are somehow damaged, then in a word, the riflescope is damaged as it is the central part of the scope. A damaged lens can’t focus on a target properly and can’t give you a direct hit on your target. As a result, you may end up missing.

Secondly, many such small dust particles are not visible to the naked eyes, and trying to clean them with a stable piece of cloth will damage your lens for sure. Even blowing air with your mouth is not correct.

For this reason, a rifle scope cleaning kit includes different instruments for a perfect and undamaged finish. Each of these instruments has its field of expertise. And each of their work comes sequentially according to purpose..

Now we have to know what a scope cleaning kit includes. The Riflescope lens is almost similar to the camera lens. So their cleaning kit is somewhat similar as well. But their cleaning procedure is different. Let’s see what items it contains.

You will get a focused airstream blower, a lens cleaning spray, a lens cloth, ultra brush, and a lens pen. The air blower has a long and pointy mouth that reaches the places where you could not get normal. The lens cleaning spray, cloth, and brush are the same as for a camera.

Here the lens pen is an exciting instrument. The pen has a wiper at its one end and a soft small ultra brush on the other. Now let us see how we are to clean a rifle scope.

How To Take Care Of Your Rifle Scope?

Riflescopes are needed to be maintained very carefully and regularly to get optimum performance. But the steps have only one right sequential order. Doing it without following those steps will end up damaging your lens. So let us jump right into it.

How To Take Care Of Your Rifle Scope

Particle Dusting:

There will be a lot of dust particles on your scope, which you can’t see with naked eyes. Some are visible and right up front, and some will be on the surrounding corners. We often start cleaning the dust using the ultra brush.

But that’s not right. The dust particles often get fat-stucked on the glass, and as you start rubbing the brush on them, it scratches the lens. So your lens gets damaged a great deal. For this reason, the kit includes a focused airstream blower. It has a long mouth that reaches every corner of the scope and removes dust using air pressure. Thus leaves no scratches.

Smudge Removal:

After particle dusting is done using the focused air blower, all the dust is now on the surface. Now we have to use a brush to remove them from the scope’s body. But using just about any brush can be detrimental.

Some brushes might have healthy feathers. Using them might damage your lenses. Then what should you use? Fortunately, the kit includes an ultra brush. This brush has a soft head, which doesn’t harm the lens. It gives a perfect clean to your scope.

Now the rule is to start brushing from the corner and slowly to come to the center, making a circular motion. Doing the opposite will eventually put the dust in their previous place. We cannot stress enough on the importance of the correct sequence.


Every kit will come with a lens spray and a lens cloth. These items are similar to the jet and fabric used to clean out the camera lens and spectacles. Now let’s know how to use them.

Most often, people spray directly on the lens. This is not the right way to do it! The lens spray contains chemicals in it. Directly spraying it on the lens will harm it. The damage will not be viable right away. But over time, the lens will get damaged, and you will feel it in the long run.

First, use the cloth and give a good wipe. After that, spray once or twice on the fabric. Then use the fabric-material to wipe the lens again. The material will be big enough for running the same process on the focus lens and magnification lens both.


After you’re done with the steps above, it is time to work on your scope’s finish. The kit includes a lens pen with a flat wiper at its one end and a soft brush on its other end for the finishing touches.

Now, what to do? Which one to use? You will get a brush for cleaning the dust in little pores of the scopes. And if the ultra brush can’t reach out to some small places, that’s because it has been too long since you last cleaned your scope.

Now mainly, the finishing is to be given by using the wiper. Start wiping from the corners and slowly coming to the center, making a circular motion. This will give your scope a nice and smooth finish that will provide you with a sharp sight on the field.

Two Common Gun Scope Cleaning Mistakes

In the above, I have clearly stated the way of cleaning a rifle scope step by step. But sometimes, you might not have any of the above items, or you might have run out of them or lost them. Under such circumstances, people use other materials instead of them. But that is not right.

Two Common Scope Cleaning Mistakes

A scopes lens is a sensitive part. Using anything with our recommendation will damage your lens. So the most often used of such two items are driven below;

Using Paper Towels:

Often, people use a paper towel to clean a scope and that does more harm than good . A paper towel may contain some rough particles. This particle scratches the lens due to friction of rubbing..

For cleaning the lens, you will get a lens cloth. A lens cloth is a microfiber cloth made specifically for cleaning lenses. So we have to keep in mind before using anything else.

You can settle for something that’s not made out of microfiber cloth, but it will definitely harm your scope. For the outer part of the content, you could use cotton clothing. But for the lens, using a paper towel or any other cloth is harmful.

Cleaning Outdoors:

Cleaning your rifle scope outdoors is a grave mistake. We often do this without knowing that this is harmful to the scope. Clear your scopes indoors.

When you clean your scope outside, many dust particles will keep coming on to your scope with the wind. The wind carries a lot of dust with its flow, which is not noticeable usually. But if it gets on to your scope and you wipe your scope, keep the dust on the lens, it will harm your scope. So we recommend cleaning indoors to avoid the aforementioned risks. We need to keep this in mind before a full scope clean-up.

Frequently Asked Questions

Many of you have confusions about cleaning your rifle scopes & hence asked us a few questions about rifle scope cleaning. So here they are—

Why clean a rifle scope?

The one and only reason for cleaning a rifle scope is to get a perfect sight. You can see your target better with a clearer vision & you can aim the target better. A foggy & dirty scope doesn’t help to aim your target at all.

How to clean your rifle scope without damaging the lens?

When you’re cleaning your rifle scope lens, the worst case scenario is to damage or leave a scratch on the lens. Try to be gentle while you’re wiping the lens & always use soft clothes when you’re doing that.

What not to do when cleaning optics?

One of the worst nightmares about cleaning optical instruments is damaging the lenses. Do not clean the glasses aggressively, because it’ll leave scratch marks on the lens. Plus don’t use any corrosive agents to clean the lens, simple soap water will be more than fine.

Wrapping It Up

Following those steps will help you save your rifle scope in its best condition, and you will have perfect and comfortable hunting or tournament. We have described how to keep your scope clean and top-notch in detail with the help of a rifle scope cleaning kit.

Try to follow the steps, as precisely as described. Also, be aware of the mistakes that we have mentioned. Your riflescope will give you optimum performance if you follow all the rules and steps accurately. Other than that, keep it in a dry place, clean it with a dry cloth, clean it indoors, etc. I hope you enjoyed the journey and all your doubts are solved. Happy sniping!

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