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Rambling into the woods for more than 15 years, I finally think myself capable enough to teach other people how to hunt. My passion for hunting has driven me to persuade a profession that is all about hunting & shooting, and here I am, working as a gun store employee for nearly 10 years.

I never thought I’ll be spreading my knowledge of hunting among some newbie hunters, but this makes me complete and satisfied as an aspiring hunter. The combination of hunting and firearm education has made me a more technical hunter than anyone else, and I think everyone should know these tactics.

Being an expert in firearms I can determine the best gun equipment and accessories and know-how to make the best use of them. That’s something that I have always cherished since the first day of hunting. If you’re compassionate enough, you’ll never fail, and that’s my motto. And here I am, sharing all my wisdom to inspire a bunch of passionate people and make them successful.

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