Is A Gun Safe Necessary? Complete Guideline 2021

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Yes, a gun safe is very necessary, as long as you own a gun, of course. In all honesty, the importance of gun safes is pretty self-explanatory. But, for the sake of a constructive discussion, we decided to lay all the important points out for you. Our goal? To make you better understand why you need a gun safe for yourself.

By the end of this post, you will have learned why is a gun safe necessary for the protection of you and your loved ones. So let’s dive in!

Importance Of Gun Safe

Before jumping into explaining why a gun safe is (almost) compulsory for gun owners, here are some key pointers to consider –

  • A gun safe lowers the chances of theft and burglary.
  • Protects you from various incidents of natural calamities.
  • Not only does it secure your gun, but it also plays a role in protecting other valuables as well.

These three reasons, themselves, should be enough to convince any owner to get a safe. But just in case you still aren’t convinced yet, the following section is for you.

Why You Should Get A Gun Safe?


There are several reasons for getting yourself a gun safe, for the safety of you & your family. Let’s have a look at why is a gun safe necessary—

Protection Of Guns And Rights

As the name suggests, the main purpose of a gun safe is to protect your weapons & firearms. While that particular thing might be the case most of the time, a safe also offers protection to your legal rights. In other words, by locking your guns, you are protecting your 2nd Amendment rights. How? By demonstrating responsible gun ownership.

Other than that, a safe gives you control over the access to your guns. Not only does it protect your weapons from burglars, but it also denies access to anyone else who might have a spare key to your home/room. However, we’re talking about solid safes here, not glass shield safes that someone can carry away.

For The Laws

One of the main reasons for preserving your gun in a gun safe is the legal obligation by your state. Different states/ countries have different laws, make sure you know the laws regarding keeping a gun.

FLD Laws

The term FLD means Firearm Locking Device Laws. Some states will require you to compulsorily lock up your device under the FLD laws. So be sure to check your local laws as it’s better to own a safe than being remarked as an irresponsible gun owner.

Child Access Prevention Laws

Children are tender beings, but they lack the wit of properly operating a firearm. So it’s obviously a no brainer that you should be keeping your guns out of their reach. About 25 states in the US require you to have a safe for Child Access Prevention.

Even if your child never accessed your gun, not owning a safe can land you into trouble for negligence. Or even worse, criminal liability!
Protect Yourself In Legal Circumstances
Any safe owner has the upper hand in legal terms. You must be wondering how, well here’s the explanation –

Misuse of firearms by others is probably the worst thing that can happen to you as a gun owner. Under such circumstances, any concerned person may sue you for the improper storage of firearms. But if you can show the court that you have made efforts to safely store your gun in a safe that’ll cut you some slack.

For starters, you get to discard the accusation for ‘storage negligence’. Moreover, you won’t be fined or might even receive a reimbursement. That’s an absolute win-win situation for both you and your residing state.


Today many safes in the market are fireproof. That’s a great thing considering you live in a state where the probabilities of fire or natural disasters are high.

If exposed to high heat, a loaded gun can easily set itself off. Again during tragic cases of fire burning down the entire house, a fireproof gun safe might be able to save your firearm. Not just guns, you can save other portable valuables from melting into one entity as well.

For Insurance Reasons

It’s a very useful thing to have your gun covered under the homeowner’s insurance. But if your homeowner insurance doesn’t, then you should check that from your insurance company. Try starting with, ‘I’ve got a gun safe now’.

But keep in mind that you’ll only be reimbursed with the book value and not the market value. Fair warnings, considering book values of high-worth antique guns are quite less nowadays. But if you have all the necessary receipts, owning a gun safe will give you a legitimate upper hand in the situation.

Peace Of Mind

Your gun is more or less safe when it’s on the person. But a safe gives your firearms a secured place to sleep overnight when you’re not looking. From the moment you own a safe, you’re bound to have a sense of security. That feeling is what we call peace of mind. We know you all can relate to what we’re talking about.

Things To Know Before Getting A Gun Safe


  1. When you own a gun safe, you will tend to store all your portable wealth in one place. That can expose to potential risks of greater loss in case of burglaries.
  2. Gun safes require extra care. This means it’s one more hassle to worry about.
  3. While a gun safe is a secure place for firearms, it also means that it’ll take you longer to access it during adverse situations.
  4. Gun safe installation and movement are expensive. Some safes will also require a permanent installation that deprives you of any further renovation of your homes.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Carry A Gun Across State Lines?

The Federal Law of the US allows any individual with a legal firearm to across the state lines for legal purposes. You won’t need any additional federal permission for that. Just make sure that you do not the law of the other state.

Can You Carry A Gun In A National Park?

You obviously can carry a loaded gun in any national park in the US. For that, you can’t keep it concealed, rather you have to carry your guns openly. Although you can carry a concealed gun if you have the relevant federal permission.

Is A Gun Safe Required In California?

All the guns that are purchased from California must have a safety device that is approved by CA DOJ (California Department of Justice. That means a gun safe isn’t essential, but you need to install other safety accessories like a trigger lock or any firearm lock.

Is A Gun Safe Fireproof?

Not all the gun safes are essentially fireproof, but there are quite a few brands that manufacture fireproof gun safes to save your gun safe from potential fire hazards. You can search for a fire rating before buying your gun safe.

Can You Carry A Concealed Weapon In A Movie Theater?

A lot of movie theaters don’t allow guns, except for legal reasons and some of them do. Before going to the theater, make sure to check out their rules & regulations on their website, or call them directly.

Not just for safety, a gun safe often offers more than just that. Owning a gun safe, by itself, is definitely worth it because of the advantages it comes with. Feel free to use this article as a guide to decide – is a gun safe necessary for you or not. More often than not, you’ll definitely conclude with the answer, ‘Yes’.

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