How To Unlock A Safe Without A Key – A to Z Solution 2021

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Lost the keys to your safe? Guess what! You aren’t the only one here! Reportedly thousands of people face the same problem every year. Our tutorial on how to unlock a gun safe without a key is here to help you find your solution.

It’s pretty common to lose the key to your safe or forget its combination. In most cases, people consider breaking down the safe to rescue our belongings but we think it’s not a great idea since the process may damage the goods inside. So what to do when we lose access to our safety lockers? To know the answer, read on—

How To Unlock A Safe Without A Key

Unlocking a safe without a key can be really difficult, only one method might not be enough to unlock your safe. So we have gathered several methods on how you can do that. We hope one of them will unlock your safe.

Before trying out the methods, don’t forget to search once again to find the key. 70% of people found their keys right after they broke their safes. So make sure you have searched each & every part of your house.

Many safe companies provide extra keys to their customers. Try to remember where you kept that extra one if you have one. If you still can’t find even the spare keys, you need to be prepared to do some action. We will be looking for alternate ways to open your safe without a key.

Anyways, without further ado, let’s dig into the tutorial—

Know The Type of Your Safe

The best way of unlocking your gun safe will depend on what type of safe you use. Different safes have different security lock systems, for example, a digital safe has a digital passcode & a combination safe has a combination code. You must know the internal features of your safe to decide your next step.

Know The Type of Your Safe

Call In A Locksmith

I know most people & guides say this at the end, but I will recommend this at the beginning. Call a locksmith. Assign the work to a specialist. Don’t call just any locksmith because you are in an emergency. He might damage what’s inside it. Also, he can be someone with evil intentions.

Call In A Locksmith

Call someone you know or have repaired your safe before. If you are not familiar with any locksmith, you can talk to the customer service of your safe’s brand. Check the reviews of the locksmith if needed.

Now the question is why you should call in a locksmith. There are reasons why I am suggesting this. There are different safes in the market & each has a different configuration. What has worked for your friend’s safe, might not work for you.

There can be risks if you do it yourself. You might damage the properties of the safe. Or worse, you might lock the safe permanently. If you don’t want to call a locksmith but still want to unlock your safe, follow the steps below.

Use A Tension Tool

The lovers get stuck in a room & the guy suddenly takes the hairpin of the girl & opens the door. You must have seen this in movies quite a few times. But how did he do that?

Use A Tension Tool

The answer is simple, by following a technique of physics. If you do not own a tension tool, you can make it easily. All these materials work in the same way- creating tension.

Tension tools are used to pick locks. You can easily use them to open the safe. However, owning professional lock picking tools is illegal in many countries. If your country is one of them, you need a permit. Even if you don’t have a tension tool, you can make a DIY tension tool yourself!

Here are some things that you can use as your DIY tension tool—

Paper Clips

Paper clips can be a solution to your problem. This is a technique you might have heard mostly used by the thieves in stories. And you thought this is only possible in the stories. The truth is, it really does work if you follow certain steps properly.

Paper Clips

Step 1: Firstly, you have to take a paper clip and cut it from the middle with a wire cutter. Then you have to bend one part in 90 degrees and another one in 45 degrees. Half of 90 degrees will look like a L shaped tension tool. The other half which is 45 degrees will look like a Feeler Pick with Needle-Nose Fillers.

Step 2: Now you have to insert the 90-degree angle in the bottom of the keyhole of the safe lock. Then you have to rotate the tension tool part counterclockwise.

Step 3: After that, you have to insert the 45-degree part in the upper side of the keyhole. While you do it, you must keep notice that the 45 degrees is faced upwards.

Step 4: Now all you have to do is to snigger the 45-degree part of the paper clip till the lock is open. Try to do it as steadily as possible..

Nail Filer

Nail cutter filer is a classical tension tool used for opening safe locks. Pick out the pointed tip of the Nail Cutter Filer. Insert it in the keyhole of the safe lock. Quiver it upwards and downwards and twirl it anticlockwise until the pin of the safety lock opens.

Tips About Tension Tools

If your tension tool doesn’t work, turn it out. Then change the tension by pressing it lightly. Then insert it & try again. Only an accurate angle can open this safe. So, don’t push or insert the tension in a hefty way. Be patient because only perfect tension can make you tension free.

Tips About Tension Tools

1. Using A Knife

Using a knife is a very basic technique to unlock a safe lock if you forget the passcode or you can not find the key. All you have to do is get a thin sharp knife.

Make sure the knife isn’t very big. Insert the pointed pin side of the knife in the keyhole of the safe lock. Keep twirling it anti-clockwise till it opens.

2. Use A Screwdriver

Using a screwdriver to break your lock might be the first thing that comes to your mind after you lose your key to your safe lock. For that, you need to insert a screwdriver into the peephole of the key slot and keep turning it until the safe lock breaks.

Use A Screwdriver

Choose the screwdriver according to the size of the key slot, which means you cannot choose a thick or large screwdriver. Insert the horizontal point head of the screwdriver into the key slot.

You might be wondering how can you use a screwdriver to unlock a safe. It’s pretty simple, twist the screwdriver anti-clockwise until you can or feel or hear the locking instrument break. After you remove the screwdriver, the lock will be open.

But there is a caution in this procedure. Using a screwdriver to open your safe lock will damage the safe lock permanently. You might not be able to use it again without repairing it or replacing it.

3. Using Magnets To Unlock A Safe

Digital safety locks have a metal-built mechanism inside it. If you have lost the key to that and forgot the code to your lock, you can still open it with a magnet from the outside. Heavy earth magnets are quite useful for opening a keyed safety locker.

Using Magnets To Unlock A Safe

The bright side of using this method is that this procedure would not cause any damage to your safe lock. All you have to do is get a big round and slightly flat magnet and follow the steps below—

Step 1: Cover the magnet with a strong cloth. The clothing should neither be very thin nor too thick. It needs be strong enough to be used as a handle of the magnet.

Step 2: Put the magnet in the cloth and twist the cloth and put it on the door of the safe lock. All you have to do is to identify the right spot. When you will find the right spot, the magnet will be able to pull out the latch of the lock and open the safe lock.

4. Using Drill Machines To Open A Safe

Using Drill Machines To Open A Safe

Drill through the nullification key slot as the last try. If all the procedures mentioned above fail, then collect a drill machine. Attribute the drill with enough strength so that it can drill through metals.

Now, drill through the keyhole of your safe lock until you have breached all the way through the lock. This will restrict the lock system. And you will get to open the lock of your safe.

However, this will damage both your safe lock and also the drill machine. You might not use the machines again after you break your lock of gun safe with a drill machine. So if you don’t intend to use your gun safe ever again, you can use this method.

How To Unlock A Digital Gun Safe

If you have a digital safe, you should have a passcode. Try to enter the passcode correctly. If you don’t see any light or output in the keypad, it has probably run out of battery. In that case, you have to restore power in it.

How To Unlock A Digital Gun Safe

Some safe offer charging system in the electronic keypads. If your safe is one of those, charge it without any delay. If you don’t see any system like that, you need to replace the batteries.

You will find the battery case under the keypad. You can open it like you open a remote when you change the batteries. However, some cases have screws attached. If you see a screw that is getting in the way, open the screw first.

Tips On Protecting The Goods Inside The Safe While Unlocking It

If you have followed two or more methods mentioned above & have failed, call an expert. Don’t apply more than 3 methods, it will just increase the chances of damage to your safe. Don’t try to break it open by drilling or sawing the locker, you’ll end up destroying the goods inside your locker.

Tips On Protecting The Goods Inside The Safe While Unlocking It

If you’re breaking the lock, try to confine yourself only in a lock area, and don’t go too far. If you drill too deep into the lock, chances are you end up damaging the stuff inside the safe too.

Another important thing is you shouldn’t try to unlock any safe unless you’re authorized to do it. Follow our instructions only if the safe is owned by you or you’re authorized to do this. We don’t support any unethical or illegal conduct in any way.

Frequently Asked Questions

Unlocking a gun safe without a key isn’t a piece of cake, so many of you have asked us several questions about gun safes. So here they go—

How to unlock a combination lock without a key?

You can easily unlock a combination lock using the click tricks. Rotate the combination knob and carefully pay attention to the lock to hear a click. Note down the number where you heard the click & continue the same process for the next number. When all your numbers are noted, you can unlock the safe with the number.

How to break the lock of a gun safe?

You can use a drill machine or chainsaw to cut down the gun safe. But make sure to confine in the lock area only, otherwise, you may damage your belongings inside the safe.

How to unlock a gun safe without any tension tool?

A heavy earth magnet is an excellent alternative to a tension tool for unlocking a gun safe. Cover the magnet with a cloth and run it over the gun safe to retract the lock pins. Then finally unlock the gun safe.

What is a master key?

A master key is a special type of key that can unlock two or more locks. Expert locksmiths use master keys to open locked doors & safes.

How does a master key work?

When a lock has a master wafer inside it, the master keys can line up the wafers and eventually open the lock. But if the lock doesn’t have any master wafer inside the lock, the master key won’t be able to unlock the lock, breaking the lock will be the only option.

Wrapping It Up

So that’s pretty much everything about how to unlock a safe without a key. Now you can unlock your safe like a pro even though you don’t have the key. But make sure not to barge into a safe if it’s not yours. Stay safe!

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