How To Secure A Safe In An Apartment [Smart Tips & Tricks]

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After you buy your safe or locker box, the next step is to keep it at a secure place. We all think that we can keep the safe anywhere we want. But the truth is the place where you’ll keep the safe has a vital role to prevent theft. So you should know how to secure a safe in an apartment.

Most of us face certain obstacles like space issues, inappropriate places, etc while installing our safe. You should keep your safe at such a place that will stay out of the burglar’s sight. You can implement some amazing ideas that we found out for securing a safe. Without further ado, let’s see some excellent ideas—

How To Secure A Safe In An Apartment

A locker box or safe is essential at home because of quick access to the belongings. We can’t keep the things that we use regularly in the bank vault. Instead, a locker box or safe is a better option. If you want to get your own security safe or locker box, check out the best security safe reviews and grab the best deals.

How To Secure A Safe In An Apartment

As we were saying, to keep your locker box or safe, you should choose a place that will lower the possibility of potential theft. All of us keep our precious belongings in the locker box, and you should ensure the maximum security for them. Here are some of our favorite ideas to secure a safe in an apartment—

Fake Chambers

Fake chambers are by far the most favorite idea of us to hide your safe. The best way to keep anything secured is to keep it out of others’ sight, isn’t it? That is why installing a fake chamber is actually a great idea.

You can create a fake closet, fake ceiling, fake wall, or even a fake room! All of these may not be possible for you to build by yourself. But you can ask your interior designer or any construction worker to make that for you. They are pretty expert at these and their fake chambers will look so real that nobody will even notice it.


You can make your own fake chamber in your dressing room by creating some fake walls. Then you can definitely put your locker box in that. You can also build a fake wall in your bedroom with the help of a construction expert.

To install a fake chamber, the first thing you have to keep in mind is, you need to have a lot of space in your room. Because the fake chamber may acquire a brief portion of your room. Build the fake chamber according to the size of your security safe, that way you’ll be able to save some space. So you should really think about installing a fake chamber to keep your locker box safe.

Inside The Closet

Another great idea to keep your safe or locker box is inside the closet. Most of the people follow this idea, so it’s pretty common. You can keep small to large size security safes in your closet or cupboard.


The closet adds an extra layer of security to your security safe. That means the burglar will have to open the door of the closet before reaching the safe, so the safe becomes more secure. If the safe is smaller in size, the thief may vanish the whole safe but if you keep it in the closet, there’s actually less chance of that.

You can choose any closet in your home, just make sure it has enough space to fit in your security safe. If you can’t afford a fake chamber or don’t have the place for it, you can definitely keep your safe in your closet.

The Basement

Most of the time a thief goes straight to your bedroom to steal your precious belongings. For that, some people prefer other places than in the bedroom. We think keeping your safe in your basement will be an excellent idea.

The first perk of keeping your security safe in the basement is it has a lot of space. That means you can keep even the largest safe in there. Also, only a few people would go to a basement, so fewer people will know where you keep your security safe.


Since the basement has a lot of space, you can definitely install a fake wall or fake chamber to further protect your safe. You can even install a basement cabinet and keep the safe in there, which will act as extra protection too. Also, you can consider making an underground chamber under your basement and keep your safe in there.

If your basement has fewer chances of getting flooded, then it can be the best place to keep your security safe. But if it doesn’t, we don’t recommend putting your closet in the basement. So, don’t wait up & find a spot in your basement to keep your security safe today! For more information, you can check our article on where to put a gun safe in your house.

Laundry Room

Did you know that your laundry room can be an excellent spot for keeping your closet? Well, it’s true, most of the laundry rooms have enough space to keep your locker box. You can keep a medium to small size security safe in your laundry room.


Most people don’t go to the laundry room, even your kids too. So you can definitely consider this place. For that, keep your safe as it is or make a cupboard to keep it inside. It will increase the security of your locker box.

A laundry room is such a place that any burglar wouldn’t usually think of checking. So, we think it would be a great idea if you want to keep your locker box protected. If you have a laundry room, we guess it’s time you use it for keeping your security safe.

Kid’s Room

The kid’s room is the place where nobody would ever think of keeping their precious belongings in there. Chances are that the thief won’t even enter into the kid’s room to steal anything. So this is another great idea you can implement to keep your security safe.

Most of the kid’s room doesn’t have much furniture & it’s often very spacious. So you can make a fake cabinet and keep the safe in there. We wouldn’t really suggest keeping the safe in an open place, your children might get hurt with it.

Instead, you can build a secret closet in your kid’s room so that even the kids can’t find the locker box. We really think the kid’s room is a really good place if you have small children. So we strongly recommend keeping your security safe in the kid’s room.

Frequently Asked Questions

What Is The Difference Between A Gun Safe &Amp; A Normal Safe?

A gun safe has an appropriate structure to keep firearms like pistols, revolvers, rifles, or shotguns. On the other hand, a normal safe doesn’t have the proper structure to accommodate firearms. Also, a gun safe offers more protection like fire protection, water protection, etc.

Can You Store A Gun In A Regular Safe?

You can definitely store a gun in a regular safe. It’s not obligatory for a gun to keep in a gun safe, but a gun safe offers extra facilities like fire protection, water protection, etc. If you want to ensure the maximum protection of your gun, we would suggest to get a gun safe instead.

Can I Keep My Other Belongings In My Gun Safe?

You can definitely keep your other precious belongings in your gun safe. A gun safe is just a regular safe with a different internal structure, you can keep your other belongings if they fit in the safe.

Is Storing Your Guns In A Gun Cabinet Is Safe?

If you want to keep your guns secured only from pets & kids, you can certainly showcase your guns on a gun cabinet. But if you’re afraid of your guns getting stolen, you should choose a gun safe instead.

How To Clean A Security Safe?

You can clean your security safe with a dry soft cloth or with a damp rag. It doesn’t need any sort of soap or detergent, just dusting it off and running a damp rag over the safe will do the job.

So there goes the list of our favorite ideas for how to secure a safe in an apartment. From now, you can be absolutely tension free about keeping your locker box or security safes. Don’t forget to mention which idea you liked the most. Stay safe!

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