How To Remove Rust From A Gun [Easy Tips & Tricks 2021]

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There’s nothing worse than discovering your gun all rusted out and spoiled. Forming rust on any gun not only makes it look hideous but also impairs its function. But there are some DIY solutions to clean out rusts from your gun, and we’re going to demonstrate to you how to remove rust from a gun.

We all know how rust forms on any metal surface. If any metal surface comes in contact with moisture and air, it will create an oxidation reaction on the iron and make iron oxide, which is red in color. This iron oxide is generally known as rust, which destroys the characteristics of iron.

Why Rust Is Bad?

When a metal surface like guns or gun safe is rusted, it loses its usual strength and becomes fragile and brittle. It doesn’t work like before and it’s easier to break. In the case of guns, it hampers your shooting and increases the risk of accidents.

If you think you can permanently remove rust, then you are wrong. The truth is rust formation is a permanent process, you can never bring back its previous state. That is why we recommend preserving your firearm in any water proof gun safe to maximize the protection. If you don’t have one already, check out our best gun safe reviews to get some great deals on a gun safe.

However, you can easily remove the rust layers and rust stains from your gun. You can do that only if the rust hasn’t formed deep into the surface. That means the metal surface has already rusted out and starting to brittle. Anyways, let’s check out the procedures for it-

How To Remove Rust From A Gun

There are many ways you can clean off the rust from a metal surface. But you definitely need to be very careful while doing that with your gun. Make sure to unload your gun to prevent any accident or unwanted incidents.

How To Remove Rust From A Gun

Also, there are some ideas that will further damage your gun instead of cleaning off the rust. For example, many of you have cleaned the rust off your cast iron pan or any surface using water. You can never use dish soap or water to clean the rust off from your gun, it will damp your gun and make it dysfunctional.

So there are actually only a few steps to do that. Worry not, they are extremely easy to execute too. Without further ado, let’s see the ways we can do that—

1. Rotary Tool

We are all familiar with a rotary tool, it is certainly a lifesaver tool to sand your walls, hone a knife or polish any surface. If you have the right attachment on your rotary tool, you can use it to easily remove rust from your gun. You might be thinking about how you are supposed to clean small guns with such a large tool. Don’t panic, there are smaller and handheld rotary tools that you can use easily.

To remove the rust from your gun, all you need is a mini rotary tool with a rubber bonded small abrasive wheel attachment. This is specially made for cleaning off rusts from old firearms or to clean off the serrations from the trigger. You can also use this amazing product to round the edges and clean off the dirt from your firearms too.

In our opinion, the Dremel Rotary Tool would be the best choice for doing this process and we indeed loved the result. The tool came with many efficient add-ons and attachments which helped us run other errands pretty effortlessly. Also, this product is amazingly powerful even though it’s a handy little device, so we genuinely loved it.

Anyways, now on to the main procedure, take your rotary tool and install the rubber abrasive wheel attachment. You won’t need any additional oil or anything else, just turn on the rotary tool and run it on the gun surface gently.

You will see the rust is coming off slowly, so dust it off. Once you’re happy with the cleaning result, you’re good to go. Then you can layer a rust protection coat if you want, it’s completely optional but highly recommend.

You should really make sure you keep the gun totally empty. Any incaution may result in serious damage and life threatening condition. And that’s how you can clean it off with a rotary tool.

2. Steel Wool

Now on to the second procedure, you can use a steel wool to remove the rust. This is kind of a similar process like using a rotary tool, you have to scrub the rust off the surface. Although, the only difference is using a steel wool to scrub off the rust is pretty painful and time consuming.

Cleaning the rust off your gun with a steel wool is just like cleaning the rust off an iron skillet, so this procedure might be familiar to many people. The process is pretty simple, take a dry steel wool and start to rub it on the rusted surface. Try to rub it as harshly as you can, so that you can scrub off the rust quickly.

You can also use some firearm oil to quicken this process, it will stimulate the rust to come out more easily. After you are done, as usual use some rust protective spray to keep it rust free for a long time. And that’s how to remove rust from a gun using a steel wool.

3. Firearm Oil

Using a firearm oil is by far the easiest procedure for cleaning the rust off your gun. All you need is to buy some firearm oil and use some of your valuable time. Make sure you took all the safety measures before starting the process.

Start off by applying the firearm oil on the rusted area. Don’t use too much oil, this will damp your gun and impair its function. Just make sure the oil has been smeared over all over the surface. Keep it for some time to react with the rust and let it loosen up.

Then take a cotton cloth and remove the oil from the gun. You will see how efficiently it took off all the rust stains and rusted areas. If you are not happy with the results, don’t worry, repeat the process until you are satisfied.

If you don’t have firearm oil, you can also use machine oil. But firearm oil works the best for this procedure. So that’s how you can remove the rust off your firearm using only firearm oil.

4. WD-40 Rust Remover Soak

This is another excellent and efficient trick to clean off the rust from your gun. Many gun experts recommend using WD-40 to remove the rust. We were also quite impressed with the result.

WD-40 has been a pretty handy product for many tasks like removing glue residue, lubricating valves, removing paint, and even penetrating and helping tight bolts to come out. They also have an amazing product called WD-40 Rust Remover Soak which is already pretty famous among the gun enthusiasts.

The procedure is pretty simple, spray the liquid on the rusted area and leave it for 24 hours. Then respray the liquid once again and wipe it using a cotton rag or napkin. There you go, you got yourself a brand new gun. And that’s how you can remove the rust from your gun.

How To Keep Your Guns From Rusting?

There’s a famous saying that prevention is better than cure, and you should follow this idea in the case of your guns too. Since rusting impairs its performance, you should never let it rust out. Some easy precautions can save you from rusting your gun and here’s how you can do that—

How To Keep Your Guns From Rusting

Keep It Dry:

Always keeping your gun dry is the most important and effective step of protecting your gun from rusting out. Keep it away from any kind of moisture and always keep it dry. You can even install a dehumidifier in your gun safe to prevent it from rusting out.

Apply A Rust Protective Coating:

Applying a protective coating like paint or galvanized metal can really save your gun from rusting. For that, you can spray paint on your gun or take help from any gun store to coat your gun with galvanized metal like chromium or zinc. You can also apply a little amount of oil after you use your gun every time.

Maintain Regularly:

Regular maintenance is the key to prevent your gun from rusting out. Take care of your gun regularly even if you don’t use it very much often. Also, try to scrub or scrape the rust off as soon as it appears. You can use a metal conditioner to prevent it from any oxidation, and applying a protective coat is highly recommended.

That’s all for how to remove rust from a gun. Now you won’t have to panic whenever you see some rust stains or rust layer on your gun. Make your gun shiny and glossy just like a new one! Have a safe shooting…

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