How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key –  3 Step Complete Guide in 2021

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If you want to keep your expensive items safe then having a sentry safe is the best option. Sentry safes are durable enough to defend any type of impact. You need an alternative way to open it if you lose the key or forget the combination.

People are not always interested in going to the bank to save their valuable things. It has become a trend to keep a personal sentry safe at home. In a sentry safe, you can keep money, secret documents, guns, etc.

Sentry safes are fireproof and made with maximum security measures approved by ETL. Losing the key or forgetting the combination is a common mistake. You need to have knowledge of how to open a sentry safe without a key.

We will represent some quick hacks to guide you about how to pick a sentry safe.

Sentry Safe Keys

Sentry safe comes with a different locking mechanism which means different keys. The key comes with an embedded or imprinted unique code within. These unique codes are different for each key.

How to Open a Sentry Safe Without a Key

Two different keys having the same code means the safe can be opened by those two. Sentry safes are not available with any replacement keys. To make a difference, the keys are shaped rounded or pointed at the end.

Advanced sentry safes are built with a keypad locking mechanism which is customizable. These locking mechanisms are heavily secured. You won’t find any duplicate code to open the keypad lock.

How to Open A Sentry Safe Without Any Key or Combination?

There are some easy hacks to open a sentry safe without any key or combination. So, if you forget the combination or lose the key, then don’t panic. We are highlighting some sentry safe lock picking techniques.

How to open a sentry safe without a key

1. Opening A Sentry Safe With A Paperclip

  • Bend the bigger leg over with a 90-degree angle on the clip by using your finger.
  • Now hold the clip like a key and  carefully bend the other leg of the clip
  • Now slowly bend the first leg in the tip of the key
  • Make a 45-degree angle on the bigger leg on a second clip which will work as a handle.
  • Twist the lock.with the handle that you previously made with the clip.
  • Now, the second clip should be placed into the lock hole by using a screwdriver.
  • Put the pointy end of the first clip on the upper portion of the hole.
  • With the pointy end of the clip, keep twisting clockwise and giggle it into the lock’s teeth.
  • With the click sound, you will understand the lock is open.

2. Opening Sentry Safe With Drill Or Cutting Tool

This method will damage or destroy the lock. You will have to replace the lock after opening the safe. It’s your choice to follow this way to open the lock.

  • Attach the drill machine into the power outlet and drill into the lock of the safe.
  • Drill directly into the lock to avoid making any damage to the safe body.
  • The lock will break open with damage after drilling it for a while.
  • You can replace the damaged lock later by contacting the manufacturer.

3. Open Sentry Safe With A Nail Cutter

You can pick a sentry safe by a nail cutter with a nail file. If you have those nail cutters then picking a sentry safe is easier.

  • Open up the nail file of the nail cutter and hold it like a key.
  • Put a minus screwdriver and put it in the whole of the lock like paper clip method.
  • The nail file of the nail cutter can be used instead of a screwdriver.
  • Rotate the file clockwise and juggle it into the lock whole until it opens.
  • After rotating and juggling for a while, the safe will open with a click sound.

Benefits and Drawbacks of Sentry Safe



You can securely keep your valuable items in a sentry safe close to you or at home. The item could be anything from money to your licensed gun. Thief or burglar won’t be able to open your safe due to its durability.

Fire Resistant

Sentry safe assures the safety of your valuable assets even if the fire breaks out. Fire resistance materials are used in a sentry safe. You don’t need to worry too much about your valuable products if your home catches fire.

Fewer Insurance taxes

Heavy taxpayers can reduce their insurance rates by keeping a sentry safe at home. The money kept in a safe can be invested in a business.


Guns can be kept in a sentry safe for security purposes. You should keep it in a secret place to protect your kids and family members. Sentry Safe is the best option to keep any secret item or sensitive things hidden.

The only disadvantage of a sentry safe is the weight. Sentry safes are heavy, so you cannot move it easily.

Frequently Asked Questions

Now we are going to discuss some frequently asked questions related to sentry safe. These questions and answers will increase your knowledge about the safe.

Is it wise to hire a locksmith to open a sentry safe?

Yes, a trained locksmith can open a safe with the proper tool by avoiding any additional damage.

For how long does the lockout of a sentry safe stay?

Sentry safes lock with battery power stays locked for five minutes. Don’t push the button before five minutes.

Can we get a replacement key with a sentry safe?

You can collect a replacement key from a third party or manufacturer of the company.

Final Thought

Sentry safes are usually secured enough to block any kind of impact or fire damage. Fire cannot damage a sentry safe for 2-3 hours. The reliable manufacturer ensures super rigidity and durability of a sentry safe.

Losing the key of a sentry safe or forgetting the combination is a common mistake. Don’t panic if it happens with you. When you know how to open a sentry safe without a key then you don’t need to worry too much. It will help you in any emergency case without any hassle.

The methods mentioned in this article ensure the safest way to pick a sentry safe. You canusethe regular key after picking the sentry safe.

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