How To Move A Gun Safe: Expert Tips & Tricks for 2021

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Are you thinking about moving your gun safe? Well, you are going to perform a notoriously tricky task. A fully packed gun safe is the weight like a small elephant or more than that. If you are planning to move your gun safe, you should have a clear idea about how to move a gun safe.

However, in this article, I will discuss point to point details that will help you get a clear idea about how to move a gun safe more comfortably.

Why Do You Need To Move Your Gun Safe?

There are many reasons. Sometimes people change their living places. They move from one home to another. When you move to a new house, you may carry your expensive gun safe. Again, sometimes you need to exchange your old gun safe and get a new one. In this case, it is essential to sift your gun safe.

How To Move A Gun Safe 2021

Undoubtedly, shifting a gun safe is a challenging task. Sometimes you might face some difficulties to move. This can vary greatly, from the staircase to a small door or the sheer weight of the safe.

How To Move A Gun Safe

There is another reason for this process being tricky. If you choose the wrong method, it can be harmful for you and also end up with daming your house. So you must follow the proper steps when moving a gun safe to ensure your family and your house’s wellbeing.

Required Equipments:

When you finally fix your relocation, you will need some equipment to move your gun safe. Handling the gun safe is a complicated task, and these equipments will make the task easier for you—

Furniture Dolly:

The first thing you need is a strong furniture dolly. The equipment helps carry bulky items. Point to note, the dolly is perfect for a flat surface. It will not help on stairs. If you are not hiring professional movers, a strong furniture dolly is the best choice.


It is essential equipment for your hand safety. This is not wise to lift and push your gun safe with a bare hand. If you work with a bare hand, you may get a blister on your hand.

Straps & Ropes:

You need some durable straps. The rope and straps will help when you carry the gun safe in the dolly. These will make it easy to load it in the truck. You should carry the gun safe carefully.

Steps Of Moving A Gun Safe 2021

Now that you have all the essential instruments in your hand, you can start the process of moving the gun safe. Follow the steps below—

Steps Of Moving A Gun Safe 2021

Step 1: Firstly, you have to learn the weight and measurements of the gun safe. It will be best to calculate the weight and other measures of the gun safe before buying one. When you require moving a 450 kilograms gun safe, you must deal with numerous things and require at least three companions.

On the contrary, if you utilize a biometric gun safe that is smaller in size, you may move it comfortably. Generally, the metal materials produce top quality gun safes. The most important work is to decide the weight and all the dimensions of the gun safe.

Step 2: Select the way first. Sometimes people select the route after taking effective planning. But I will suggest choosing the way first. When you know the dimensions of the gun safe, you can quantify the length and width of the pavement. Again, if you choose the way, you can clear the space for moving the gun safe.

Step 3: You must check if any firearm is stacked or not. You should unload each gun and take them out of gun safe. Otherwise, you have to take the extra weight! While eliminating weapons from the gun safe, check for the security lock of the gun. I suggest ensuring each gun has a security lock on.

Step 4: When you eliminate the firearms from gun Safe, remember to pack these weapons temporarily. If you left them in the room, it might be a reason to hurt anyone . Thus, consistently pack up your firearms after eliminating them from the gun safe.

Again, I suggest turning on the smoke detector while moving for additional safety. Place these weapons in a trunk to keep away from kids.

Step 5: Cautiously angle one side of the gun safe. Then try to slide the cart beneath the gun safe. I will suggest wearing thick hand gloves to do the job carefully. Again, ensure the proper security for the gun safe at the time of moving.

Step 6: Remember that you cannot do this job alone. You will need more than two companions. So inform your friends to help you. Otherwise, you will find some gun safe mover services. You can hire them to make your task easier.

Step 7: When you have moved the cart beneath the gun safe, you must angle the cart back to its wheels. If you can do this properly, the firearm’s weight will balance by the wheels.

Step 8: When you placed the gun safe on the truck, tilt the cart once again into its previous position and cautiously facilitate it until gun safe is laying on the trunk floor.

Step 9: At last, eliminate the load straps and cautiously angle the cart free from the gun safe.

Effective Tips For Moving A Gun Safe

It would be best if you kept in mind that Personal safety always comes fast. Below, we give you some tips that might help you stay safe during the moving of a gun safe.

Effective Tips For Moving A Gun Safe

  • Don’t make any hurry, when you are moving heavy-weight objects, especially the upstairs or downstairs.
  • Always ensure that the straps are tied up tightly to avoid dislodging or tipping over.
  • As if the gun safe is about to tip over, letting the safe go down or hit the ground. It is a better alternative option than risking own injury.
  • If you feel moving a gun safe is quite challenging for you, and you are struggling with the process of shipping. Then you can hire a professional to move the gun safe. There are so many companies that have trained people to ship unusual items. They have the necessary equipment, which saves you from the stressful moving process.

Frequently Asked Questions

You’ve probably figured it by now that moving a gun safe isn’t as easy as it seems. You should work carefully in such situations, and to help you, here are the answers to some questions that people usually ask about moving a gun safe—

Can I move a gun safe with a carpet?

Yeah, a carpet is actually a great idea for moving a gun safe, you can effortlessly move even a heavy gun safe with a carpet. Also, a carpet would be the best choice if you’re moving the gun safe on tile floor.

How to move a 1 ton gun safe?

A strong dolly is mandatory to transfer a gun safe that is this much heavy. You can hire professionals for transferring such a heavy gun safe since it is pretty tough to move even an inch.

How to move a gun safe downstairs?

A strong stair dolly is the only way to move a heavy gun safe downstairs. Buy a stair dolly and follow the instructions to move the gun safe downstairs. Also, you can hire professionals for such tricky jobs.

How can you move a gun safe with a PVC pipe?

PVC pipes don’t always work for moving such a heavy object like gun safes, but still, you can use PVC for trial. Keep a few PVC pipes on the floor and place your gun safe on it, continue adding PVC pipes to its front as it is moving forward. For changing direction, align your PVC pipes with the new direction.

How to dismount a mounted gun safe?

Remove the mounts and slowly take the gun safe out of its place. You need to be really careful while taking it out since it is heavy as hell, keep a foam like material underneath. Then carefully move the gun safe to the location you had previously planned.

Wrapping It Up

Moving a bulky gun safe or digital gun safe is not an easy task. We hope now you know how to move a gun safe. You can’t do it alone, so you must need some person or a reliable relocation service company. You can check a few companies and observe their service. It is the best decision to rent professional movers. If you ensue all, you will find the right idea to move your gun safe perfectly.

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