How To Make Secret Stash Containers 2021?

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Secret stash cotainers are like regular containers we use but with different applications to them. These aren’t just kids toys, they can be real lifesavers sometimes. Besides, it can be a great hobby or might be a hobby project you want to teach your kid! Nevertheless, it’s always good to have a secret place of your own where your things are safe.

You can find different stash containers in the market and sure, they are good. However, making something yourself is something men crave for. Want to know how to make secret stash containers on your own that look like real containers with regular applications? Stick to the article, I’m getting you through the process of making different types of secret stash containers.

How to Make Secret Stash Containers 2021

There are many types of secret stash containers you may be familiar to; such as soda cans, books, even water bottles. Making one yourself isn’t a big deal, no matter what type of container you’re transforming. Here are some killer ideas and processes of how to make secret stash containers that might surprise you:

How To Make Secret Stash Containers


Making secret stash containers in books is a very traditional way to keep things hidden from the regular eyes. It’s usually for keeping the book in front of everyone but without getting attention from anybody. Therefore, you have to keep it natural so that the book doesn’t lose its look.

Things you need:

You’ll need a knife to cut the pages inside the book; make sure the knife is sharp and rigid. The utility DIY knives are perfect for the job as they’re super sharp yet very sturdy. Next, you’ll need some clamps; the ones we use for clamping wood or metal while joining. Besides, a tracing pen with a tracing container that you’re going to insert is necessary. And finally, the book itself! Pick a book that has a fat profile to it along with a hard cover.

Trace the book:

Once you have everything in hand, turn the pages and go inside the book by about 20-30 pages. Now, without tipping the book flat, keep the end of the remaining pages flat, so that they stay parallel. Clamp the rest of the book from 4 corners to keep it rigid and place the container on the open page. Take a tracing pen or pencil and mark how much space you need for the container. It’s worth mentioning that you must pay attention to the depth of the book. The book won’t be thicker than the depth of the container.

Make your way in:

As you now have the book traced down, cut the book inside by following the traced lines. Aim for 4-5 pages at once and keep on digging until you have the right depth to place the container. As I say container, it’s not necessarily have to be a container; a gun is also fine. Regardless of what you’re doing it for, you have to dig in until you get the depth you desire for.

Glue and finish:

The last step of making a secret stash container inside a book is gluing the edges. Before getting into the process, take an aluminum foil and wrap the first pages (till 20-30 as I mentioned). Now take a tube of clear-gel super glue and dip along the edges to join all the remaining pages firmly. Let it sit and dry before removing the clamps off the corners of the book. Once you have everything in place, put the container inside, close the book, and put it on the shelf!

Soda Cans:

Making secret stash containers with soda cans aka decoy can safe is getting popular over books these days. That’s because you can place it anywhere and nobody will notice a big difference. You’ll need a side can opener, a plastic container and some white cement. Here is how to make soda can stash with brilliant and simple steps:

Cut the cane properly:

The first thing to do is, cutting the cane’s top portion without leaving residues or sharp edges. Use a side cane cutter; if you have a regular cutter already, that’ll do the job just fine. After cutting it completely, you should be able to place it on the top like before without a trace.

Attach the container:

After cutting the container, you have to attach the container to the cane lid. Take some permanent glue and join the both lids in the same direction from inside. Let the lids sit and join to make a strong bond before going to the next part.

Use the cement:

Take some white cement or other alternative that sits strong and make a solution for the project with it. After making the solution, dip it into the cane and fill it about halfway through. Now, take the lid, attach it with the container and drip the container into the cement while it’s still flexible.

Finish up:

Leave the setup overnight to help the solution to dry up and put a weight on the top to keep it firm. Once the cement dries and becomes firm, you’ll be able to open the lid and use it the regular way. You can choose the container size as per your valuable belongings need to accommodate.

Making Stash Containers With Other Things

As the term suggests, a stash container is where you can put something small but valuable and needs protection. As you can imagine, a book or a soda cane aren’t everything in the world that can contain secret chambers. Besides, as long as you’re doing DIYs, the sky’s the only limit, especially while making a secret stash. You can make your next stash from a water bottle (metal/plastic), a hair brush, fake spray can, even sprinklers! There are no feasible limits to your imagination and that’s what you’re going to use for the next job.

Final Words

When you’ll need an emergency bill or the last key remaining, a secret stash might keep it safe for you! You can use it as your little safe where you can put your valuable belongings and keep them secure. Making different types and sizes of stash might become your next hobby. However, to master the art, you must know how to make secret stash containers properly.

Now that I’ve taken you through the process, you can make a ton of customizations yourself. Need a bigger space inside? What about using pringles cans or maybe making a big chamber behind the wall clock? Use your imagination and that’ll find you the way to turn almost anything into a safe stash chamber.

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