How to Keep Moisture Out of Your Gun Safe In 2021

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Purchasing a gun safe might be easy, but that’s not all it takes to keep your gun safe and secure! The safe may keep the gun away from the wrong hands, but what about the enemies from inside? I’m talking about moisture and humidity that might damage the guns and important documents inside while you’re not even aware.

Knowing how to keep moisture out of your gun safe can save you big time and reduce the chances of damages. There are a handful of methods to pull the job, but doing them the right way is crucial. Stick to the article, I’ll help you understand how you can keep a gun safe secure from the inside.

How to Keep Moisture Out of Your Gun Safe

Burglars, thieves, or unauthorized people aren’t the only enemies of a gun safe; moisture also can be a big issue. Here are how to keep moisture out of your gun safe and how you use different methods for optimum results:

How to Keep Moisture Out of Your Gun Safe

Silica Gel Packs:

Silica gel desiccant packs are too popular not to know about when it comes to keeping things in good shape. You might already are familiar with this amazing thing because it comes in your shoe boxes, jewelry, or medicine boxes. The reason behind its popularity isn’t only because it keeps moisture out, but also the price range it comes with.

It’s one of the cheapest solutions to keep your gun safe or boxes with other valuables moisture-free. You can find it in any store with hobby items, gun safe items, or crafting items in it. Go find some silica gel for gun safe, put them in the safe, and you’re mostly safe if your area isn’t too humid.

Dry Rice:

You might already have a handy solution with the silica gel I talked about. But, what if you cannot find some right now but you must dry up the safe immediately? Well, let’s go even cheaper, yet more of a DIY solution with dry rice. Dry rice is a very well-known solution for humidity issues because of its capability of absorbing moisture from the air.

The process is pretty simple; put a cup of dry rice inside the gun safe to keep the moisture out. What makes this idea unique apart from being cheap is, rice doesn’t have any sort of chemical emission issues. Therefore, you won’t get your sensitive items damaged inside the safe; just replace the rice every 4-6 months.

Baking Soda:

Talking about chemical compounds, let’s deploy some innocent chemical because sometimes, there’s no way of avoiding, especially for odor. Developing a bad odor inside a gun safe is a common phenomenon that nobody likes; not even enthusiasts. Sodium bicarbonate, on the other hand, does a great job not only removing odor but also keeping the moisture out.

We know this component as baking soda and you might already have it in the kitchen to use instantly. Take a ½ cup of baking soda and put it inside the gun safe, it will remove mildew and odor. Besides, it works as a great deodorizer alongside being a good moisture eliminator.

Light A Bulb:

Okay, let’s get technical because you might are a savvy person who loves to make his hands dirty. If you have a gun safe to keep out of moisture and humidity, lighting a bulb can be a good option to go with. However, the biggest issue with this process raises if you have to hole the shell yourself.

Many gun safes have holes in the back as built-in for the safe for easy installation. You can run a wire into the safe, attach the bulb inside, and power it from an external outlet. But if you don’t have it pre-drilled, you can do drill the back of the safe and do the job.


As we’re talking electric anti-moisture items for your gun safe, let’s not forget the obvious one; a dehumidifier. It’s one of the most effective ways to keep your gun safe out of moisture and humid situations. There are three types of dehumidifiers depending on which situation you’re in and how you want to do it:

  • First, you can go for electric humidifiers that need an external outlet, just like a bulb. You have to make a custom hole for that unless you have a pre-drilled one.
  • Secondly, you have the battery-powered ones that don’t need external outlets and sit inside just fine.
  • The last type is, desiccant dehumidifiers that neither need external outlets, nor battery power. Rather, they contain highly absorbent materials to soak in the humidity and moisture.

Use A Moisture Absorbent

If you already have a damp gun safe, you can consider getting a moisture absorbent keep it out of moisture. There are many types of gun safe moisture absorber available that are good at absorbing moisture such as Damprid. These absorbents contain calcium chloride crystals that attract the moisture around where you put it.

You can take a pot, fill it with a moisture absorbent halfway through, and put it inside the gun safe. It will absorb the humid particles and take out the moisture off the gun safe. Finding the absorbents is pretty easy; you will get it from the cleaning supply section from any local store.

Final Takeaway

So, are gun safes bad for guns? Not really. Maintaining a gun safe is mandatory if you want to keep the guns and necessary documents inside. If you know how to keep moisture out of your gun safe and follow one of the above-mentioned processes, your safe won’t damages. Of course, there are other ways such as mothballs or damp rid and some other methods that are widely popular.

However, the ones I’ve mentioned in the article are the safest ways to go with while others might cause issues. For example, the mothballs tend to make a bad odore, sometimes it might even damage sensitive items inside. So, go for any of the methods in the article and save your gun safe and anything inside.

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