How To Install A Gun Safe (The Ultimate Guide 2021)

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A gun safe is designed particularly for the safety of your possession, gun, with the motto of preventing the misuse of it. From the name itself, we get an idea of how essential it is especially if you are surrounded and in contact with toddlers. Another significant reason for a gun safe is for the safeguard of your arsenal from theft.

A proper well made, and concrete gun safe is a must for ensuring the utmost protection of your weapon. Now you can get bombarded with questions rising in your mind on how to install a gun safe in your house or any convenient place you find. We are here to answer those queries.

You will be able to learn about factors, climatic conditions, venues, the entire procedure that goes down for the installation of a gun safe. Let us not waste any more time and get started with it.

How To Install A Gun Safe


Before installing the gun safe, there are three things you should confirm. They are—

  • Figuring out the best space
  • Suitable material
  • Authorized assistance.

Where To Install Your Gun Safe

There are multiple locations in your house that you may consider for installing your gun safe—



The bedroom is the most protected and the best place to build your gun safe. A gun safe can be installed beside your bed or the outer walls between your windows or stories can be a great location.


Since closets are predominantly closed and four-walled space, you can automatically cover the gun safe with long cloths and four sides of the wall. This will provide maximum protection in the most convenient and eco-friendly method.

Now that you have decided the place, make sure to check out the following factors before installing a gun safe in your house—

Factors To Be Addressed

There are several factors that you need to address for finding the right spot for your security safe. Make sure you check all these factors as per your surroundings.


Weather Conditions

Weather is a vital key whenever you think about installing a gun safe. Since it’s a congested and closed portion, the content inside must be handled gently. Weather conditions should not be declined and given less significance.

Climate Issues

Gun safes need less humid, moistureless, comparatively cold interior space. If the available situations are not preferable then the safe may face many defects in the future.


Most often a gun safe comes with a built-in dehumidifier. This machine works for the reduction of humidity inside the safe and enables better care for the gun. It is connected with the outlet and supplies the right amount of power.

The proper installation process of a gun safe is crucially required and if not done correctly, future malfunctioning, consequences, the disruption could be constant trouble in later days.

Fitting Location

Finding the most appropriate location is the first and foremost step towards installing a gun safe. But this task can be hectic and hassle some if you don’t happen to know about this basic knowledge and proper examination of the chosen place. Hence perfect location depends much on the size of the safe. As a result, you have to decide on the adequate space and free movement in the safe.

Most importantly the least roamed room inside the house should be chosen to avoid little children’s entrance. Moreover, the location should also be hidden and disguised so that it does not get exposed to burglary. Often there are chances in breaking homes, that the owners get killed by their weapon due to ignorance and lack of preservation. Special thought needs to be given to this point.

Smooth Pathway

While installing, it is necessary to estimate the length, breadth, easy passage for the gun safe, as well as restricting on unnecessary entrances. Only authorized and owners should be allowed inside. People who are formally involved in carrying and setting the gun safe should only have the access to it.

Comfortable Flooring

Flooring is the most pivotal aspect of this process. To be able to handle the weight and heaviness of the gun safe, there is no alternative to strong flooring. Weak material floors will eventually get ruined and cause permanent damages at times. Floors must be very hard, powerful to withstand the heavyweight. In this case, tiles are a good option, to begin with.

Suitable Leveling

Leveling is the principle step for the exact fitting and supporting of a gun safe. If leveling is not done properly then it may look awkward and others might get a hint of something being a misfit. You have to make sure that the leveling is established down to the extent leaving no traces of a hump or a hunch. However bad leveling can lead to many problems including security concerns. More effort must be applied to this.

Worthy Bolting

Gun safe is a matter of a long time investment. Bolting is extremely required for this commitment. Strong and proper bolting locks the gun safe and assures the highest security of the weapon. All four corners must be bolted and the center should be locked by using bigger blots. Skipping this thread can cause you serious troubles in the future days.

Secured Electrical Connection

Electrical connection is essential for the built-in dehumidifier and lights inside a gun safe. Most of the gun safes acquire proper lighting and as humidity is an issue, the electrical connection is a must. The outlet must be installed near making it surrounding and user friendly. Furthermore, electricity has to be taken into account for the smooth usage of the safe.

Where Not To Install Your Gun Safe


So far you have gained knowledge and got to know about locations and step by step process. Apart from that, it is also equally important to have an idea about the worst places for a gun safe installation. Let us know about the places.

  • Dining areas, living room, kitchen these are the most roamed and easily accessible corners of the house. Avoid these locations.
  • Stoves, micro-oven, fireplaces, any jam-packed areas are not worthy of the installation of a gun safe at all.
  • Avoid hot and humid places. In summer the upper floor rises to a high temperature. In conclusion, avoid these places.
  • Some go for basements to install the gun safe but in reality, it’s not a good idea. Basements can be out of climate control that may create a problem for you so, in the end, avoid basements.
  • The garage is also not an apt location to ensure the safety of the weapon because theft and burglary chances are maximum here. Moreover, garage doors could be an easy target to break in and steal the arsenal.
  • Keep away from places where moisture and humidity cannot be considered and calculated. Such particular areas are a big no to installation.

Frequently Asked Questions

Can You Put A Gun Safe In The Garage?

Putting a gun safe in the garage is not safe because garages are easier to break into, and the burglars can reach them easily. So there are more chances of stealing if the gun safe is in the garage.

Can I Install A Gun Safe In My Basement?

You definitely can install a gun safe in your basement, in fact, it’s a great idea to install it in a basement. Just you need to make sure that the place is dry & has absolutely no possibility of waterlogging.

Is Keeping A Gun Safe In The Bedroom Safe?

Keeping your gun safes in your bedrooms is definitely safe but you have to be more careful. Bedrooms are the places where the intruders go first for stealing, and keeping the safe in the bedroom increases the chance of that. But you can still consider installing it in your bedroom if you want convenient access to your belongings.

Why Should You Keep Your Gun Safe At A Dry Place?

Both gun safe and the weapons can be affected by moisture, and a humid place increases the possibility of forming rust on them. So you should try avoiding a humid place or install a dehumidifier inside your safe.

Where Should You Keep A Gun Cabinet?

Typically, the most common place for installing a gun cabinet is your living room, since a gun cabinet is meant for displaying your fancy firearms. You can also consider your dressing room to install it so that it looks fancy.

Now that you have come a long way gathering knowledge about your query, we are pretty much confident that you have got an idea on how to install a gun safe and which factors you need to focus on. We know that installing a gun safe is not an easy task and can prove to be quite a difficult one. But don’t worry we have got you covered on the positive and negative aspects that will help you to prepare a work plan.

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