How to Clean a Rifle Scope Like a Pro In 2021

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Rickel’s favorite hobby is hunting. He loves to go hunting tours. Taking care of his rifle was one of his daily works. But one day, he went for a time, but his rifle scope broke. Then he remembered he didn’t take care of his rifle scope properly.

To use a rifle for a long time, the secret tip is, clean the rifle periodically. Many people take care of their guns and rifles passionately. But they forget to clean their rifle scopes or don’t pay attention to it.

If you want to know how to clean a rifle scope, you are in the right place. Here we will acquaint you with some elementary but useful steps for cleaning the rifle scopes. If you are willing to learn the easy steps, keep reading our full article.

Cleaning a rifle scope is essential. But correctly cleaning the content is more important. Seems critical? Don’t worry. You can quickly get your area cleaned using the following steps-

How To Clean A Rifle Scope In 2021

How to Clean a Rifle Scope

Cleaning a rifle scope needs some knowledge about how to deal with it. From the built to maintenance, we will see how to clean the rifle scope.

Step 1: Remove The Large Particles From Your Lens

The first step is to remove the large particles from the lens. It’s easy, but yet you need to follow some guidelines. You have to use a soft brush to clean the lens. Otherwise, it will scratch on it. Make sure the meeting is not oily. Now gently brush off your lens and remove the large dust particles.

Step 2: Clean Up The Small Dust Particles

Now you have to clean the smaller dust particles. Well, I would suggest you to use a microfiber cloth, in this case, to complete the task as well. It would be best if the microfiber is soft and thick. Besides, it must be free of chemicals

It will help you to remove those small dust, smudges, or oils from your lens. The thickness of the cloth is necessary because it allows you to wipe off the tiniest particles. Now clean the lens in a circular motion from inner to outer edges in a gentle way.

Step 3: Remove The Mud Or Any Stubborn Stain Present On Your Scope

Do you still have any stain or muds present on your scope? Then dampen your brush with alcohol and gently wipe on the splatters until they are cleared.

Using anti-fog lens cleaning solutions will be the best choice for this. It would help if you kept the cap of your scope open while cleaning it.

Step 4: Wipe Out The Fingerprints Or Water Spots From Your Scope


You can utilize lens paper which is damped with alcohol. Then you will wipe out the water spots or fingerprints nicely, without any hazard. Use one piece of lens paper for only one pass.

In this way, no dust will back across the scope, picking up by the lens papers. It will also prevent scratching. You can also remove these spots or fingerprints by using cotton swabs.

Step 5: Clean The Inner Edges Of The Scope

You can do this by merely using cotton buds or cotton swabs. What you have to do is to roll the buds over the inner edges and clean it. In this case, You can also utilize a nice microfiber cloth. It will prevent the cotton from leaving wisps of it.

Step 6: Clean Up The Turrets


Besides cleaning the lens, you also need to clean up the turrets of your scope. Especially if you go through the windy and moist conditions, you have to take special care of them.

First, remove the turrets from your scope. After that, take a microfiber cloth and start cleaning it nicely.

Step 7: Clean The Battery Department Of Your Scope

If you own a battery-powered scope, you need to clean the battery department too. Then clean up the area and the showers.


  • Always keep a cleaning kit, like cotton or fiber clothes, with you wherever you go hunting. It will help you to wipe off the unwanted mud splatters or water splashes.
  • If you need to clean the fogginess or dust inside your scope, don’t try to open it. Instead, send it to the manufacturer.

Things You Need To Avoid While Cleaning Up The Scope


Don’t do some stupid things that can damage your rifle scope. Avoid doing the following things to make the content long-time durable.

  • Don’t use your saliva or shirt-tails to clean your scope. It can make scratches.
  • Don’t use toilet paper or any rough clothes to clean. And don’t clean or rub forcefully. Just gently wipe off your rifle scope.
  • Never spray or pour cleaning solutions or alcohols directly over your lens. Just make the clothes dampen with alcohol, don’t even soak them. Doing these things can damage the seals of your scope.
  • Don’t try to wipe the lens dry after cleaning. The alcohol will evaporate itself.
  • Don’t use cleaners that do not apply to optics.


Cleaning a rifle scope is so simple and easy. It doesn’t even require lots of time or effort. Overcleaning can also cause scratches and damage to your scope. You have to wipe it gently if you find any visible dust, mud, or fingerprints on it.

By this time, you have read our article. We have described here how to clean a rifle scope by some easy steps. So, just follow our tips and enjoy a clean & long durable rifle scope.

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