How To Build A Fireproof Gun Safe? Gun Safe Tips & Tricks

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Any firearm is its own worst enemy when it comes to catching a fire. It not only destroys the firearm itself but also causes severe conflagration. That is why we should all take a step of fireproofing our precious gun safes. You might be wondering how to fireproof a gun safe? Don’t worry, after reading this post, you’ll figure that out—

Why You Should Own A Gun Safe?

Safe is a metal cabinet that keeps your precious things safe. There are various categories & sizes of safes but gun safes are the most popular ones. Although gun safes are primarily designed for guns, it is also used for storing documents.


Made For Guns:

Gun safes are specially made for guns. The interior of a normal safe & a gun safe is absolutely different. Normal safes are mostly simple cabinets with doors.

Conversely, gun safes have chambers to keep guns. You get to keep your gun in an upright position. As a result, the dust & mud falls off from the gun.

In case you have several guns, you can have a designated rack for each. For this, your gun is always in place. There won’t be a chance of a mess.


Gun safes require extra safety for your possessions. If safes give you security, gun safes provide you ultra-security.

There are unbreakable metal boxes in gun safes. Also, nowadays gun safes have biometric or sensory recognition. These factors make it quite impossible to steal your things.

Fire Protection:

Fire protection is a prime factor why gun safes are so much in demand. While normal safes can not give you protection from fire, gun safes come with a guarantee.

Gun safes vary in fire protection level. However, most of the gun safes can endure up to 350 degrees. For this, your documents will be safe.

Nevertheless, cables or electronics are sensitive to fire. At 350 degrees or 85% humidity, these materials get damaged. So my advice is not to keep CDs or DVDs in gun safe.

Humidity Control:

Gun safes are designed to protect from humidity. Guns can rust if the air is dense or saturated. This hamperts the quality of guns & hampers the shooting. Gun safes give your guns a longer life.

Fast Access To Guns:

In emergency situations, you will know where to come. No time will be wasted on searching the guns. Most gun safes can be unlocked within seconds. So you will be prepared for any danger.


Gun safes keep your important things out of children’s reach. Guests or outsiders cannot touch your personal belongings that can be hidden in the gun safe. This also prevents unwanted accidents.

Less Maintenance:

Normal safes require regular maintenance for its look & door lock. Gun safes barely need maintenance. They might cost more than normal safes but they come with one time investment.

Less Chances Of Theft:

Gun safes are usually heavier than normal gun safes. If gun safes are a floor safe, it is quite impossible to move it. Therefore, no chance of losing the gun safe.

Looks Great:

Remember the movie Titanic? Rose kept the sketch & her jewelry in the gun safe whereas her fiance kept cash & pistol in them. It looked classy, didn’t it?

Gun safes make your interior aesthetic. They are a sign of aristocracy & elegance.

How To Build A Fireproof Gun Safe?

There are many ways of fireproofing a gun safe, here are a few ways on how you can do that—

How To Build A Fireproof Gun Safe

Buy A Fireproof Safe:

The basic key is to buy a fireproof gun safe. There are gun safes that offer guarantee for temperature. Look for longer fire rating & longer durability in a gun safe.

It is best to buy gun safes that can protect from fire for at least an hour. Also, do not forget to check the highest temperature & humidity tolerance. Compare different safes buy the one that provides you the maximum coverage.

Keep It In A Private Place:

Do not keep your gun safe in an easily accessible place. Keep it in a room that is not open for all. For example, the basement or conference room. This will minimize the chances of fire accidents.

Experts suggest keeping the gun safe on the floor. Furthermore, you should keep it in the basement or the ground floor. This will make sure your safe doesn’t fall off in the building in case of extreme fire. You can also follow our article on how to secure a safe in an apartment.

Use Epoxy Painted Floors:

Epoxy floors protect the concrete from external moisture & grease. It works as an amazing caregiver of floor safes. This saves your floor safes from rust. If you do not have a water leakage problem in your building, then you can even keep the safe on the epoxy floor.

Place Fire Reductants Under The Safe:

Do not place the gun safe on the bare floor. Put a fire reductant material beneath it. This not only helps prevent fire but also saves from moisture & damage.

The item you need to put under the safe depends on the size & weight of the gun safe. Rubber salt malt works great under the gun safe & can be found easily. However, you can also use palette, rubber pad or even lumbers.

Cover The Safe:

For extra caution you can cover the gun safe with mats. This will protect your safe from all the sides. Also, it will ensure the durability of the safe.

Isolate From Flammable Materials:

You need to keep the flammable materials secluded from your gun safe. Gasoline, Hand sanitizer, nail polish, nail polish remover, aerosol can, alcohol, motor oil – these are common but highly flammable materials. Try not to have them with the gun safe in the same area.

Also, do not keep inflammable materials inside the safe. This can surely increase the fire damage of the gun safe.

Add Roll Out Drawers:

For long guns, install roll out drawers. Make sure to build this drawer with fire resistant materials. This will help to prevent fire & will also save space in the safe.

Don’t Insert Bullets In The Gun:

During a fire accident, the air of the place becomes hot & humid. Due to the air pressure, the bullets in the gun can be triggered automatically. So, to disable this chance keep your bullets separate from your guns.

Use Insulators:

Insulators are an excellent medium to prevent heat. Try to attach insulators in every part of your safe. You can cut insulators to make it fit in your safe.

Your insulators must be fire reductant. You can use thick drywalls outside the safe as insulators. However, drywalls do not prevent fire for a long time. You can also use a gypsum board.

Keeping It Rust Free:

You need to keep the gun safe moisture free & rust free. This not only damages your safe but also induces fire. You can easily buy a dehumidifier for your gun safe.

Safe Electricity:

Sometimes electric outburst or bad wiring causes fire. Make sure the room for the gun safe is free from these problems. Keep it in a room that has less electric wires on the external.

What About Wooden Gun Safe?

Fireproofing gun safes is a very challenging attempt since wood is highly flammable. However, it can be done with sensible precaution.

Firstly, it needs to be secluded from all flammable materials. Then you need to cover the body of the gun safe with insulators. Lastly, try to keep a fire extinguisher next to it.

How Do You Know Your Gun Safe Is Fireproof?

Try to see if your gun safe is rated based on UL 72. Class 350 is designed to protect papers from fire. Class 150 is designed to protect photographic papers. Class 125 can protect CDs & DVDs.

How Do You Know Your Gun Safe Is Fireproof

Focus on UL 72 fire rating too. This tells how long the gun safe can protect from fire. It can be from half an hour to four hours. Try to buy the highest rated one you can afford.

How To Buy A Fireproof Gun Safe?

One of the trickiest parts of fireproofing any gun safe is actually buying a fireproof gun safe. Here’s some things that you can keep in mind before buying the gun safe—

How To Buy A Fireproof Gun Safe


Increase your budget. Fire gun safes come in all sizes & shapes. It can cost 800-2000$. Try to buy the highest one you can afford.

Fire Rating:

Check the fire rating of all the safes. Compare them with their features & price. Go for the one with most fire protection & heat durability within your budget.


There are various types of gun safes that may allure in the market. Focus on your purpose of the gun safe while buying one.


Do some research about gun safes. Ask people who have used gun safes themselves. Suggestion from the neighbour may come in handy too.


Nowadays there are gun safes that have fire & theft alarms. Try to have one of those to be guarded.

Brand Matters:

When in confusion, try to buy a gun safe from well known brands. They are less likely to cheat.


Moreover, if it’s possible get insurance for your gun safe. In case of accidents, you can be less worried then.

Why Do You Need To Fireproof Your Gun Safe?

The one short & clear for this is – safety. You need your personal belongings & firearms to be safe. You might buy your guns again, but you might not find the documents anywhere.

No matter gunproof or not you need to create a fireproof surrounding. Fire can be caused by any accident & it is best to be prepared.

Does Fireproofing Make The Gun Safe Secured?

Yes, fireproofing does make the gun safe secured. However, it does not come with a guarantee to keep out of harm’s way. Just like fire does not come with any warning, fireproofing does not come with any warranty.

Does Fireproofing Make The Gun Safe Secured

In reality gun safes don’t cover the time coverage that it claims. It can usually protect half of the time duration. Fire proofing depends on the temperature & duration of the fire.

Many of the fire proof gun safes have fire reductant materials. It is sometimes easy to break them with an axe. So, the risk of being stolen is always there. There are gun safes that claim to be both fire proof & burglary free. Make sure they are on top of your list for safety.

How To Use Fire Proof Gun Safes?

  1. Clean it every once in a while.
  2. Ask technicians to come for maintenance.
  3. Do not overload it.
  4. Try to keep it separated from other furniture.

Frequently Asked Questions

Fireproofing gun safes isn’t that common, so here are some questions that may help you—

Why Do You Need To Fireproof A Gun Safe?

Fireproofing your gun safe is essential for saving not only your firearms but also your house & yourself. Firearms, especially the things that contain gun powder can be highly explosive if it gets in touch with fire, so fire proofing a gun safe is important to save both your money & life.

How To Pick The Best Fireproof Gun Safe?

The best fireproof gun safe should have an affordable price range, proper fire rating & most importantly, impenetrable security system. You should take account of the materials, locking system & fireproofing mechanism to determine the best gun safe.

Can All Gun Safes Be Fireproofed?

Not all gun safes are compatible with fireproofing procedure, you have to check the fire rating before buying the safe. You can also mail the gun safe manufacturer to check if their gun safes are compatible with fireproofing.

How To Improve The Advantages If You Already Have A Fireproof Safe?

If you already have a fireproof safe, there’s not much to do to make the fullest use, just keep it in such a place which is less likely to catch a fire. Plus you should thoroughly check the electric safety too.

What Can You Do To Fireproof Your Safe?

You can add an additional layer of fireproof material like carbon which acts like a fire extinguisher in case it catches a fire. Also, you can contact your nearest gun store to check if they can fireproof your gun safe.

Wrapping It Up

Fire proofing your gun safe can be challenging. We hope you got some help from this article on how to fireproof a gun safe. It is important that your valuable belongings & guns are safe. Gun safes are there to rescue you from all the worries.

Fireproofing your gun safe ensures an additional layer of protection. Fireproof gun safes can protect guns for an hour on average. In the meantime, you can try to stop the fire. Stay safe!

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