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Suppose you buy a Rifle Scope to shoot something in a better way. But you have no idea about adjusting it with your Rifle. Or maybe have small knowledge about it but with that knowledge you won’t be able to adjust it. Also, to adjust a rifle scope is not an easy task. Because sometimes the sniper students don’t know how to adjust a rifle scope.

Adjusting a rifle scope is more difficult especially for the beginner as it has different parts that have different functions. For example: You have to know how to ‘zero’ your rifles, also know the direction setting, besides, besides you have to know the scope’s adjustment at different wind’s conditions, etc. So, today we are going to learn all the adjustments of a rifle scope and how to use them properly.

Parts Of A Rifle Scope: Learn About Rifle Scope Parts

A rifle scope has contained different parts such as ocular lens, eyepiece, power ring, scope tube, etc. So when you adjust them together then the scope will work properly. Let’s know about the parts in short.


Ocular Lens:

This lens is a piece of glass that is near to your eyes when you try to shoot something and aim at it. The objective lens transmits the light towards it. Also, the size of an Ocular lens is smaller than an Objective lens.


Eyepiece is one of the important parts of a riflescope. So we have to be careful at setting time as it holds the ocular lens in place. It will help you to adjust the focus level of those things which you want to shoot. Besides, It always provides the sharpest clarity of your target.

Power Ring:

There are some rifle scopes where you have to adjust the magnification of the scope. The power ring helps it to become successful. When you want to zoom in or out on your target or the object then the power rings up and down system will help with it. However, the scope’s specs help to improve the level of magnification.

Scope Tube:

It always connects the objective lens and the ocular lens. One solid piece of metal has been used to make it. There are two sizes of this scope tube one is 30mm and another is 1inch. These two always depend on the ring’s size. If the scope tube is 30mm then the ring must be 30mm. On the other, if the scope tube is 1inch then the ring will be 1inch.

Windage Turret:

Adjusting the horizontal order is depending on the windage turret. When you focus on the right side of the rifle scope you can find the windage turret there. You can adjust it in two ways one is by hand and another one is by small coin or screwdriver. You can measure the adjustments. To measure this there are two ways, one is minutes of angle (MOA) and the other one is the milliradian (MRAD) measurements.

Elevation Turret:

You can find the elevation turret on a rifle scope’s body which is to the windage turret. This part of scope is as important as the others. Because you need vertical adjustment to fix your target. An elevation turret always helps to adjust the verticality of your reticle.

Parallax Error Adjustment:

It is that part of a rifle scope that is used for very long distance shoot. Not every rifle scope has it. If you want to shoot something which is far more than 100 yards then you need this. You can find the parallax error on the left side which is acrossed to the windage turret. Besides, there are some rifle scope in the market that have a third turret for adjusting the parallax error.

Objective Bell:

Another important part of a scope is Objective bell that holds the objective lens. It can increase from the 1inch or 30mm. On the other, the size of an Objective bell is depending on the size of the objective lens. Because when increasing the size of an objective lens then the size of an objective bell will be increased.

Objective Lens:

You can find this part on the front of a rifle scope. It is the lens with bigger glass. Also, it is bigger than the ocular lens and gathering light around the target downrange from you.

What Does Adjusting A Rifle Scope Mean?

Adjusting a rifle scope means to know some certain things perfectly. Because this knowledge will help to use that scope perfectly. Also to get successful while targeting. However, it will be a difficult process for everyone and especially for the newbie. There are three techniques and if you get it then the adjustment will be easy for you.

What Does Adjusting A Rifle Scope Mean?

The three things are:

  • Try to fix the right eye relief,
  • Also, always ensure the scope is level and
  • Fine-tuning the eyepiece focus.

How Does The Adjustment Work?

The adjustment will be perfect if you can combine three things perfectly. Elevation, Windage, and Parallax are those three things.

Let’s talk about these adjustments briefly below:

Windage Adjustment:

You can get some basic information from above so here we try to present some new information. At first, if you want to adjust it then try to zoom at maximum level. After that try to focus on your target whether it is crisp and clear or not. Now, if you move to the 4x magnification, then the shoot will be in the vertical line of the target. In this way, you can assume about the distance of your shots. Which means how far you can shoot. Since that divergence will help you to correct your windage adjustment. Every time you adjust it, try to fire several times.

Elevation Adjustment:

It follows the same steps as the windage. Like: in an A4 paper you have to draw a horizontal line and it has to be 15c.m. After that attach this paper to your target point and try to shoot that point. The more you shoot the more it helps to average divergence which is like windage adjustment.


The information that we get from above is the parallax involved with the eye movement. So dealing with the eyepiece is the basic work of a Parallax. Also, sometimes it slightly moves away from the target so to avoid that you need to adjust the reticle.

Why Adjusting A Rifle Scope Is Mandatory?

Here we try to represent some points of the necessity of the rifle scope adjustment:

Why Adjusting A Rifle Scope Is Mandatory

  • It helps to see a clear image or target as much as possible.
  • Always helps to focus on the target and fire from the long-distance.
  • It will help to know your rifle scope’s ability.
  • Helping to solve the wrong ideas as a newbie.
  • If you want to be a professional shooter then you have to know the adjustment.
  • The knowledge of it will help you to take advantage of your shooting game, etc.

Step by Step Guide On How To Adjust A Rifle Scope

Let’s try to know the adjustment of the rifle scope steps by steps:

  • First you have to have some basic knowledge about the bullet trajectory.
  • Because it will help you to know the information about the bullet.
  • Then secondly, a stable platform is urgently needed to sight the riflescope. So try to bring that. Moreover you need some tools or instruments to adjust a rifle scope. Such as the gun vice, Torx wrenches, and small screwdrivers, etc.
  • Thirdly the boresight strategy will help you to get your rifle on paper.
  • Fourthly, while you are trying to hunt or fix a target on something then bring the same kind of ammunition.
  • Fifthly, when you need to keep your scope on the right line with the target that time you need to move the crosshair.
  • Sixthly, you need to take care about the erector tube’s mobility . Because it helps to fix the lens properly whenever it needs.
  • Lastly, try to practice properly. Start it from 25 yards and continue it up to the 200 yards.

And here comes the final process of the adjustments:

  • Find 2 dials of your scope and try to make it zero. You can follow our article on how to zero a scope. Now you will find if the line is okay or not.
  • Practicing your target, again and again, to get the missing points and constantly make the same adjustment. If you are struggling to hit your target then try it in a small adjustment.
  • Try to read the user manual. It may help you. Besides, always try to practice.

Some more tips—

  • Always try to keep enough bullets with you. You have needed a lot of bullets to practice.
  • Because the more you practice the more your scope’s setting will be correct.
  • Always try to use the same brand’s bullets. Avoid using different bullet brands.
  • Try to avoid adjusting windage and elevation together.
  • Try to be calm when you are working with this or any other work.
  • Always try to cool down your rifle while taking shots.
  • Try to make 3 shots per clicking on the scope.

Frequently Asked Questions

Even the pro hunters sometimes struggle to adjust a gun safe, so we have got so many questions regarding this matter. Here’s the answers to your most asked questions—

How do you Adjust a Rifle Scope Up, Down, Left, and Right?

You can adjust a rifle scope simply by using the adjustment knobs. For up down adjustments, you will have to use the elevation adjustment, and for left right adjustments, use the windage adjustment. Rotate the knobs slowly to make the adjustments.

What Does Adjusting A Rifle Scope Mean?

Adjusting a rifle scope means making a few changes in the scope settings for better aiming, better focus & most importantly, better targeting. Plus you will have to tune in other elements as per your preference.

What is the difference between First Focal Plane and Second Focal Plane scopes?

In the case of a First Focal Plane Scopes, the scope reticle will be placed at the first focal plane of the rifle scope. On the other hand, the Second Focal Plane Scopes will have its reticle set at the second focal plane of the scope. Another difference is the reticle Second Focal Plane Scope will appear the same no matter what the magnification is where the First Focal Plane Scope will change the size along with magnification.

Is a First Focal Plane (FFP) better than a Second Focal Plane Scope (SFP)?

It depends on the shooter’s preference, the SFP will display the same size reticle even on the lowest magnification, so it really helps if you have a low magnification scope. But if your scope has a high magnification setting, you should go for a FFP scope.

How do scope adjustments work?

Scope adjustments work by a few knobs known as adjustment knobs. You can adjust side to side and up down movements with these knobs.

What does the parallax adjustment do on a scope?

Parallax adjustments work by tuning the scope lenses to ensure the perfect focus of the object. It helps to converge the refracted light of the previous lens right at the focal point of the next lens, so that you can see a sharp image of the object.

Is a higher magnification scope better?

A higher magnification scope is better if you’re into long range shooting. It will help you see the object better, plus it will help you to determine the target point pretty easily. But high magnification doesn’t really help with low range shooting, instead it will hamper your shooting experience by displaying the object too closely.

Wrapping It Up

Now we can conclude that the history of the riflescope represents that our daily life becomes more dependent on technology. Because from household to war field technology is used everywhere. On the other hand, you can find many scopes which are used in many aspects. And that’s why it is very important to know how to adjust a rifle scope.

The adjustment of a riflescope is difficult and for the newbie it will be more difficult as they have no knowledge. But if you follow some steps then you can do it perfectly. On the other hand, there is some modern scope which is not difficult to adjust. Besides, these are more flexible to adjust. Moreover, our information will help you to enjoy the process. Happy shooting!

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