Gun Safe Vs Gun Cabinet: Which One Should You Choose?

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The safety and security of your gun will solely depend on where you’re keeping it. Many people prefer a gun safe to store their guns where many people prefer a gun cabinet. But which one is the best for storing a gun? To find that out, an in-depth comparison between a gun safe vs gun cabinet may help.

Being a gun enthusiast, we have used both gun safes & gun cabinets at some point in our lives. They are both used for storing guns & other accessories like bullets, gun cases, etc, still have some major differences. After using both of them for quite a long time, we could figure out some important differences between them which may affect your decision.

If you’re having a hard time to choose between one of these two, don’t worry, our in-depth comparison will help you choose the most suitable product for you. Obviously, you should consider your preferences, but we will try to guide you according to your priority. Without further ado, let’s dig into the comparison—

Gun Safe Vs Gun Cabinet: The Comparison

Gun Safe Vs Gun Cabinet

To compare these two, we will consider several factors that will easily show you their differences. We will consider numerous factors like materials, safety protection, size, weight, water resistance, fire rating, etc. That way it will be easy for you to sort out the pros and cons of both of them. So let’s check out the details of the comparison factors—


The material of these two products is one of the most important factors we should consider. Because the material of these will directly affect their safety protection. That way we will easily know how strong or weak the gun safe or gun cabinet is.

As for gun safe, most of them are made with durable materials like steel or iron. Some gun safes contain aluminum too. As a result, the gun safes become more durable & harder to break.


On the other hand, a gun cabinet is made of lighter materials like wood or board. Most of the glass cabinets have a glass door for display purposes. It kind of acts as a glass showcase to display guns & firearms.

So you can easily tell a gun cabinet is easily breakable and anyone can steal your precious firearms just by breaking the glass. There are some gun cabinets that are made of iron or aluminum, but still have a glass door. This actually makes it less protective than a gun safe.

Being made with mostly metal components, a gun safe is more prone to rust formation. If you can’t keep your gun safe in a dry place, chances are rust may form on its surface. As a result, rust forms on the firearm too.


A factor that well defines the basic difference between a gun safe vs gun cabinet is the size. A gun safe is pretty available in all sizes, from tiny to large. You can choose your gun safe size according to your firearm collection and space in your house.

Smaller gun safes cost less and take up less space in your room. But chances are the intruders may vanish the whole gun safe since it would be easier to carry. With larger gun safes, there are fewer chances of stealing the whole safe.

A gun cabinet, on the other hand, is larger in size, so takes more space in your living room. But you can store more goods in the cabinet. You can even keep longer firearms like rifles or shotguns in it.

If you have a large space and long firearms to store, you can choose a gun cabinet. And if you do not have that much space in your house and your firearms won’t take that space either, consider buying a gun safe. Although you can definitely buy a larger one if you have a higher budget for gun safes.


As a gun safe consists of heavier material, it’s heavy in weight, and harder to lift. Plus a thick layer of the metal sheet makes it even harder to break the safe. If you want something sturdy & durable, you can go for a gun safe.


On the other hand, a gun cabinet is lighter in weight due to lighter materials like wood & glass. So someone can easily lift and transfer the cabinet to anywhere they want. Since the material is lightweight, anyone can easily break the cabinet and steal the goods.

If the cabinet is built with more lightweight materials like aluminum, the burglar may vanish the whole thing pretty easily. So you should definitely consider the product weight before buying your product. In our opinion, a gun safe would be much more durable & sturdy for maximum security.

Water Resistance

Most of the gun safes have a water resistance feature that means it can protect your guns from moisture. The doors come with a proper seal & flawless finishing make the safe intact. Plus you can also install dehumidifiers for maximum dryness.

On the other hand, a gun cabinet isn’t that efficient in protecting your guns from moisture. Rather, it tends to soak in moisture in case of humid weather, which further affects the gun. It doesn’t offer a proper seal on the doors.

If you don’t use your guns regularly, you should definitely store it in a gun safe. Other than that, a gun cabinet is just fine.

Fire Rating

Some of the gun safes offer additional fire protection by having an extra anti-flame layer on their surface. It protects guns from fire and prevents potential damage. Plus, fire rated gun safes protect the house from serious damage because it doesn’t let the gun accessories explode due to fire.

On the other hand, a gun cabinet is highly flammable and doesn’t offer any type of fire protection. Rather, it adds fuel to the fire by containing wood material. So if you afraid of fire, a gun safe would be your ultimate choice.

Safety Protection

The safety protection is where they make the difference. It’s kind of obvious that a gun safe is far better than a gun cabinet in case of safety protection. Indestructible material, strong lock system & other advantages altogether will give your gun the highest security protection that it needs.

When we talk about safety protection, the locking mechanism is one of the first things that we think about. A gun safe has arguably the best locking system for any sort of safety locker. They have several types of locks in a single locker that eventually makes it kind of impossible to steal your valuables.

Safety Protection

Most of the gun safes have a key hole lock or a digital lock with a pretty complex mechanism, that makes it hard for any burglar to break. Breaking their locks will need a lot of tools & expertise, which obviously takes a lot of time to open the safe. So you can definitely say, stealing a gun from a gun safe is pretty rare.

On the other hand, a gun cabinet has a weaker protection or no protection against theft or unauthorized usage. The glass door often has a small lock, which is easy to break in seconds. Burglars may not even bother trying to break the lock, instead, they break the glass and take the precious goods.

The gun cabinet actually prevents the children or pets from reaching the guns, which may end up being an accident. They cannot break the lock easily nor they can break the glass door. If your house is well secured, you can protect your guns even from burglars. But overall, you should really choose a gun safe if you have concerns about your gun security.

Our Verdict

A gun safe & a gun cabinet actually serve different purposes, a gun safe offers high protection where a gun cabinet offers a display. If you like to brag about hunting and want to show off your precious gun collection, a gun cabinet would be your suitable choice.

On the other hand, if you care about the protection of your gun & want to keep it hidden, you should buy a gun safe. That way, you can ensure not only the safety & security of your gun but also protect the gun from damage. If we have to choose any one between a gun safe vs gun cabinet, a gun safe will be a clear choice.

Frequently Asked Questions

How To Clean A Gun Safe?

You can clean a gun safe by simply dusting off with a brush and run a damp cloth over it.

Is A Gun Safe Good For Guns?

Gun safes offer the maximum protection for any type of weapons and firearms. It protects the gun from any potential damage & theft.

Are Gun Safes Fire Rated?

Not all the gun safes are fire rated, some specific models have an extra layer of carbon that can prevent the safe from fire. You can find fire rated gun safes at any nearby gun store.

What Is A Gun Cabinet Made Of?

A gun cabinet is mainly made of wood and glass, it may contain other materials like iron or aluminum.

How To Open A Gun Safe Without A Key?

If you have lost the key of your gun safe, you can still open it using a paperclip or nail file. For the best result, use a heavy earth magnet to open a safe.

So that’s all for the in-depth comparison of gun safe vs gun cabinet. We hope this post will help you understand your preferences & choose one of these two. If you have any suggestions or queries regarding this topic, please feel free to contact us. Until then, stay safe!

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