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We use a gun safe not only to keep our valuable weapons safe from burglary but also to protect it from damage. Waters can seriously harm any firearm and make it inactive, so we prefer a gun safe to save it from water. But the question is, are gun safes waterproof? Let’s find out—

Are Gun Safes Waterproof?

An ideal gun safe is a very important object to have in everyone’s houses. Even if you are not storing guns, they can still be used to keep your other valuable things and documents safe from intruders. Or maybe you just want to keep your important things together in one place.

Are Gun Safes Waterproof

Whatever your reason for getting a gun safe may be, it is important to be able to decide what kind of safe you want and what features you want that safe to have. Maybe you want a safe that has a very secure lock or maybe a safe that is waterproof. You should know exactly what to look for before you spend your money on it.

That being said, I would like to clarify that, gun safes are not exactly waterproof, but rather water-resistant. A submerged safe can stop water from entering only for a limited amount of time and up to a certain depth (more on that later).

Safes that are built better, offer better features and more water-resistance than other safes. In this article, I will guide you through those topics to clear any queries you may have.

Why Are Safes Not Entirely Waterproof?

The idea of an entirely waterproof safe is quite interesting. Over time, people have researched and worked on ways to make this idea a reality. For now, we have to live with the fact that safes are not fully waterproof, and we have to choose the ones with the best ratings.

Why Are Safes Not Entirely Waterproof

The actual term to use is ‘water-resistant’. Manufactures make safes airtight to increase the amount of time they can keep the water out. The best resistance rating currently is 39 inches for 72 hours.

The reason this happens is that pressure exerted by the water increases with time and depth. After a certain depth and time immersed in water, the safe can no longer withstand the pressure exerted on it by the water and slowly starts letting the water in.

Why Choose A Water-Resistant Gun Safe?

There are a few reasons you may want to buy a safe with a good resistance rating. You may have children running around your house. If they are careless and spill water on the safe, it may damage the locks. If you live in low lying areas near seas, you may need a water-resistant safe to keep your valuable materials safe from the risk of floods.

Why Choose A Water-Resistant Gun Safe

ETL Verified Safes

ETL is an international testing laboratory that tests various items for meeting a certain set of criteria. ETL Verified waterproof safes are tested for their design, build quality, and performance to see if they match the manufacturer’s claim. They provide certification marks which show that the products are reliable and well built.

Features Of An Ideal Gun Safe

When you decide on buying a gun safe for your home, you need to remember a few things. Firstly, what size of a gun safe do you want. This largely depends on what you want to store in your safe. A medium-sized safe will be more than enough for you to store a Handgun, a few rounds, some documents, and jewellery.

You also need to consider the kind of security that you want from your safe. Security options can vary from normal digit locks to safes that offer biometric security and sensors. If the things you keep in the safe are very valuable, it is a good idea to choose a safe with stronger protection.

Your safe should also have decent fireproofing and good duration of water resistance in case of an accident that may take place unexpectedly. A good fireproof rating is 10000C for at least an hour. It should have water-resistance of at least 48 hours in a 3-foot depth.

However, remember that the better features you demand from a safe, the more it will cost you. The amount of money that you are willing to spend on the safe is entirely your choice.

What To Store In A Gun Safe?

The first and most obvious thing to keep in a gun safe is your guns. Moderately sized safes will allow you to keep up to two handguns, a good amount of bullets, and extra mags. You may also store a larger gun like a shotgun and some shells along with it.

However, you should remember to keep your gun unloaded when you store it in a safe for your own safety. Try to keep the ammunition in a separate place if possible so that even if anyone opens the safe, they cannot make use of the gun.

Another thing that you can store in your safe is your important documents. Documents like your property files, important case sheets, office work can be kept in a safe. This is necessary if you do not want others prying through your paperwork. This is also helpful in keeping the essential papers out of reach of your children.

You can also store jewelry and small amounts of cash in a gun safe. Antique possessions or things that may have been passed down throughout your family deserve proper safety. Some cash may come in handy at times, although I would encourage keeping too much money in the bank instead of a safe as it is less secure and there is a risk of theft.

Whatever you may keep inside your safe, remember that they are always at risk of theft, so choose your things wisely. So I think you got your answer what to store in a gun safe and is gun safe is necessary.

How To Keep Your Gun Safe Moisture Free

You can buy the best-rated gun safe, but if you do not take cautious steps to keep it dry and free of moisture, it will deteriorate slowly. A proper way to maintain dryness is to control the humidity inside your safe. You can use a gun safe dehumidifier made especially for gun safes to reduce inner levels of humidity.

How To Keep Your Gun Safe Moisture Free

There are two types of dehumidifiers you can choose from— electric and desiccant. You can follow our article on how to keep moisture out of your gun safe

Electric Dehumidifiers:

Electric dehumidifiers allow you to regulate temperatures inside the gun safe to maintain humidity levels accordingly. Normally, these require connection with an external power source that is provided through a hole from the backside of the gun safe.

When you buy a dehumidifier, you need to consider the size of the object compared to your safe. Buying too small dehumidifiers for a large safe is not a wise decision.

Desiccant Dehumidifiers:

Desiccant humidifiers may have an expiry date or may run by batteries. They do not require electricity and are much simpler to use.

One very cheap and reliable option is silica gel desiccant packs. These chemicals absorb the moisture within the safe and can continue to do so for a long time before you need to replace them. However, you need to keep the silica gel packs away from the contact of your guns and other important things.

Frequently Asked Questions

Firearms are pretty sensitive to water and you must know everything about a gun safe being waterproof. For your convenience, we have answered the questions about this matter—

What is the difference between waterproof and water resistant?

Water resistant objects can resist the penetration of water into it to some degrees, but they can’t stop the penetration entirely. On the other hand, waterproof indicates a completely sealed object, not even a drop of water can enter into it.

Are all the gun safes waterproof?

Technically, no gun safes are waterproof since a complete seal is pretty impossible to achieve. Still, a few of them can resist the water from entering offering a decent seal.

How to waterproof a gun safe?

You can keep your gun safe moisture free by installing a dehumidifier inside it. That way it will suck in any moisture that is present inside your gun safe.

What are the materials used to waterproof an object?

Hydrophobic materials like silicon and rubber are most commonly used to waterproof any object.

Can a dehumidifier keep a gun safe waterproof?

A dehumidifier essentially can’t resist the water from entering the safe. Rather, it keeps up a dry environment and sucks in any type of moisture that is present in a gun safe.

Wrapping It Up

Keeping the ratings and your budget in mind, go through a number of good deals before choosing the gun safe that you want to buy. Think about what you want to keep inside your safe. Combine that with the level of security you need from your safe. Lastly, think about how much you are willing to spend on the safe.

With all these factors decided, you are now ready to choose the safe you want. I hope this article clarifies “Are gun safes waterproof”, and you are clear about water-resistant safes and what you can do to keep your safe dry. Stay safe!

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