Are Gun Safes Easy To Break Into [Find Right Ans 2021]

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Every manufacturer claims their gun safes to be the most secure in the market. While that might be true, sometimes, there are several cases of false marketing as well. In other words, your safe might not be as invulnerable as you think it would be. And this leaves us wondering – “are gun safes easy to break into?”

Here’s a straightforward answer. Every gun safe is different. Your safety feature and build quality essentially determine whether it’s vulnerable or not. We designed this post to help you become a much more responsible and educated gun-bearer by the end of this read.

Are Gun Safes Easy To Break Into

Safes that are manufactured for the purpose of increased sales are easy to break into. Whereas gun safes designed ergonomically to protect user-belongings aren’t easy to hack. So the degree of safety depends mostly on what measures have been taken into building a fail-proof safe.

Typically, your gun safes may contain weapons ranging from a handgun to an arsenal of rifles. Of course, you have set a lock on the weapon so that no unauthorized person can have access without your permission. This not only saves your weapon from prying hands but keeps them away from vulnerable children as well.


We all know that a well built safe can be the key to sound sleep, both for you and your guns. That’s absolutely right, but often that’s not enough. The mistake lies in safe-makers falsely claiming high degrees of safeguard and us believing them.

Unfortunately, many safe users don’t even know that the safe they are using is more vulnerable than they can imagine. Yes, you might be on that list too. So take a glimpse at the rest of this post to clear it out for yourself. Here are the three most common types of security breaches in low-end substandard gun safes –

Biometric Security

Biometric security uses your biological data to identify your presence before letting you enter the gun safe. Typical instances of biometric identification include a retinal scan or fingerprint ID. According to expert opinion, this type of security is the most suitable for quick access. Because the user doesn’t need to remember any specific pin or combination to open the safe.

These gun safes are one of the most secure safes because the burglar will have to spend hours extracting the finger oil you left behind on the pad. But if you clean the finger-pad every time you use it. Then you need not worry about breaches. By the way, remember that added security means extra expense.

Digital Security

If you have a high-end digital safe, then you’re pretty much set in terms of gun-safety. But if you’re safe is digital yet cheap, then chances are that it’s equipped with a ‘reset button.’ Low-end gun safes of this sort will keep your firearms from children, but it will not stop burglars with the right tool-set.

Any burglar with substantial knowledge about safes will easily be able to crack open the safe in no time with the reset button. Note that not all gun safes are easy to crack into. Only the ones that are cheap yet offer many features (pre-packed) have the highest chances of being broken into.

Let’s say your safe doesn’t have a ‘reset’ option. This feature makes the digital safe very strong itself. So the only way for the burglar to crack open into the safe is through physical strength. It’s doable but extremely noisy!

Combination Security

Combination security (commonly known as combination locks) is the most straightforward & probably the easiest sort of security system to break into. Any experienced burglar will require no more than 30 minutes to hack a combination gun safe if nobody is home.

They tend to use a technique known as ‘ear-to-wall.’ Basically, they press their ears on the safe wall and turn the combination knob until a lock clicks. That way, they understand that they have struck the right digit. Now, just by repeating the process, the burglars can break into safes that lack build quality.

What Makes A Gun Safe Vulnerable?

It’s not that much hard to see through the false claims of manufacturer companies. The following section is for you if you want to learn how to evaluate the vulnerability of a safe –


Light Weight

If your safe lacks the necessary weight, then the burglar doesn’t need to break into it. He can just carry it to his car and drive off quite easily. Yes, we get the humor in that, but it would’ve been a dreadful thing if it actually happened. Don’t go for safes that are lightweight and easy to carry.

An average untrained US citizen (adult) can lift somewhere between 135-175 pounds. Whereas professional safe-movers can move safes weighing more than a thousand pounds. Ensure that your safe crosses that weight standard so that anyone trying to carry it away has a hard time doing so.

Door Quality

What is the door made of? How thick is it? Does it have a filling, or is the door one whole piece of metal? All these answers altogether stand for your door quality. Thinner and lighter doors are easy to hack open with a little brute force. So lower the gauge on your door, the thicker and better it is.

Not only do thicker and heavier doors require more strength, but they make a lot of noise as well. So even if someone is trying to get to your firearms, you’d know. Other than thickness, the filling is also a critical factor. For instance, a door that has wood-filling is weaker than one that has concrete in it.

Doors are crucial to the safekeeping of your firearms but don’t mistake that as the only standard. Often manufacturers use thick yet hollow doors to reduce shipping weight and cost. So if you find a cheap gun safe with thick impressive doors, know that something is fishy.

No Bolts

We cannot stress enough on how vital bolting your safe is in terms of security. A well bolted safe paired with its heavyweight makes it impossible for burglars to benefit from it.

Let’s say your safe doesn’t meet our recommended weight standard. By securing the safe with bolts, you can essentially bypass the weight issue and install it with permanency. A first-class gun safe has pre-holed anchor points for the bolts to go in.

Remember that bolting down won’t essentially stop the burglar from trying. All it does is buys you more time and keeps the safe in place while the thief has a hard time opening it.

Imbalance Of Features

Not all expensive gun safes offer adequate security. Some gun safes have such high price labels because of flashy features. A nice LED monitor for your codes or ambient lighting for the guns may be a really excellent feature. It might significantly add to the aesthetics as well. But an LED screen or monitor doesn’t really help with security.

Do not go for flashy and engraved high-end safes unless you have a very healthy budget. Otherwise, you’re just compromising safety for aesthetics. Try to judge the features by carefully scrutinizing which one compliments security and which doesn’t.

How To Recognize A Secure Gun Safe?


A safe needs to meet specific regulations before you can call it a gun-safe. These regulations are usually set by the Bureau of Alcohol, Tobacco, Firearms, and Explosives. Any safe that meets all these regulations is legal for gun storage. But these aren’t the benchmarks for a proper gun safe.

So, to sum up the whole post, a secure one must have the following features –

  1. They must be bolted to the architecture where they are stored.
  2. Their walls must be thick enough so that nobody can hear lock-click noises from within.
  3. The hinges should be inward.
  4. Doors cannot have even a minimal gap through which wrench or screwdrivers can enter.
  5. The gun safe must be fireproof and waterproof for maximum security
  6. Fingerprint pads should be waterproof for easy cleaning.
  7. Safe should be heavy enough for anybody to carry on their own.

Frequently Asked Questions

We know you’re curious about some related questions about gun safes. Don’t worry, here are the answers to some questions that many of you asked us.

Are Gun Safes Really Safe?

A gun safe is indeed secure if you can buy the ones with maximum protection. Try to consider buying a heavy safe with an indestructible material & an unbreakable locking system.

What Do I Want Out Of My Gun Safe?

In a word, the main reason behind buying a gun safe is protecting it from theft. Plus, you won’t want your gun to be used by anyone other than you, that’s why we want our gun safes to prevent our guns from any unauthorized usage.

How Do I Find A Gun Safe?

You can find a gun safe at your nearest gun store where you can choose from various gun safe brands & models. But we suggest to get it from online to get the best deal & easy delivery procedure.

Why Should I Own A Gun Safe?

You should own a gun safe in order to protect your gun from unauthorized use & most importantly, theft. Using your gun by the wrong person isn’t something that you would expect, so getting a gun safe is a better idea to block the intruders to access your guns.

How To Break Into A Digital Lock Safe?

You can break into a digital lock safe simply by disabling the lock using a large magnet or you can try different combinations to open the lock. Or you can also try to reset the whole digital lock of the gun safe.

How To Break Into A Combination Safe?

A combination safe can be broken by very slowly rotating the dial and carefully listening until you hear a click. Write down the number where you heard the click and set it on the combination. Repeat the process until you get all the numbers and finally you’re able to open the safe.

Where Should You Use A Safe?

You should choose such a place to install your safe that you can easily hide the safe yet you can reach it quickly. A bedroom closet is a perfect place for keeping a gun safe, but you can also consider using a secret compartment or your basement.

Wrapping It Up

So are gun safes easy to break into? In all honesty, yes, every gun safe can be broken into. Just a single strong-point doesn’t make a safe strong or weak at all. All of the factors amalgamated into one makes it near-impossible to hack in. We urge you to keep that in mind when you go for gun safe shopping. Stay safe, take care!

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