Are Gun Safes Bad for Guns? 4 Things to Think About in 2021

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When we are talking about gun storage, then a gun safe is the right solution.  But from the view of some critics, are gun safes bad for guns? It is quite an issue for deep thought. Let’s discuss this to get a complete idea about the issue. 

Having multiple firearms in the house requires a gun locker that keeps them safe and well guarded. But before going to the positive or negative sides let’s know about the history of the gun safe. 

Gun Safe History

On and average modern Gun safe was first made in 1850 to keep guns well managed and secured. That time the safe was made with plaster and steel. It was the first concept. Then years have passed and gun safe has become a part and parcel of the gun owners.

Are Gun Safes Bad for Guns

The gun safe was first known as concrete gun safe due to its design and make. Years after year the design is mostly the same. Now it is made with metal and comes with several certifications. These are the most congested and does not have many places at all. 

The interior has not yet been updated at all, those are mostly the same. Due to the congested and complicated design, a 30 gun-friendly safe can hold only 10-12 guns. It is more or less common for all kinds of the gun safe. 

Perfect Gun Safe 

Among so many positive and negative issues, Gun Safe comes with many positive vibes. They are extremely controlled to keep guns safe and secure. The UL- RSC certified safe is both fireproof and with extensive security. Even, nowadays, large gun makers also produce guns safe for users. 

These safe are mostly designed and with safety levels for as 1850. The system is not updated at all. From burglar and theft issues, these safe can sustain from 5 to 15 minutes. So, they should be preserved and kept in a secured corner. 

Are Gun Safes Bad For Guns?

From the view of inside decoration and space, the gun safe is very congested for guns. It was never comfortable to organize guns. There are also ratings and other issues that make safety matter for guns or not. The negative features should be known to avoid future loss.  Because from all point of view the query is same- Are gun safes bad for guns? Let’s have a look at the points. 

Are gun safes bad for guns

Internal Space:

Each gun safe is made with a similar curved design to keep guns. But the design is not that friendly to present firearms. Due to the telescope and other features, these guns cannot be kept properly. So, it’s a mess inside the safe and you will never be able to organize the guns. The internal design is similar to modular gun cabinets. So, it is complicated. 

Fire Rating:

Manufacturers are very much concerned about the fire safety of the gun cabinet vs safe issues. Gun cabinets are easy to use but they are not fire certified. But the safe comes with fire certification to be safe in an accidental fire. 

Are the gun safes bad for guns? No, not from all viewpoints. For firearms and ammunition, fire issues are very sensitive. All the gun safe is now a fire test passed that will keep them away from exploding. 

Gun Safe Corrosion:

Guns have rusting problem while kept in safe. So, safe is now a day made with drywall and Gypsum board protection. Even some chemical treatment keeps the gun safe from corrosion. So, selecting a certified safe will do the trick. In old days, guns were rusted for years in safe, that days are gone. 


Few safe are made with huge steel structure and due to their size, they cannot be transferred to other places. It takes 4-5 people to carry or transfer the safe. But the matter of peace is, now gun safe is portable, easy to move and even they can be carried in the car.

Transportation task is not an easy job. The safe needs to be emptied first and then shifted from one place to another. Now these safe are so easy to carry and portable those can be fit in the van and you can take it anywhere you like. 

Advantage of Gun Safe

Now firearms storage is easier. The features are more advanced. The gun safe myths are now just tales. 


  • Fire certification made it fire accident compatible
  • It is easy to carry from one place to other
  • It is more organized
  • The body shield is stronger 
  • Lightweight to carry in the van
  • Comes with better theft protection

Instead of many negative sides, the gun safe is more friendly and necessary these days. Someone with several firearms is recommended to buy a quality and certified gun safe. These are now with better features and more safety. 

Frequently Asked Questions

Do Gun Safes Need a Dehumidifier?

A dehumidifier is not a good idea in a gun safe, the stored guns suffer from humidity for sure but the gun safe is made compatible for that.

Do Gun Safes Cause Corrosion?

Generally gun safe do not cause corrosion but after years, the internal metal and humidity may cause corrosion. So, regular maintenance and cleaning of guns will keep them in better condition.

Does a Gun Make Your Home Safer?

Keeping a gun at home gives you better protection from external threats. You can face any situation or any attack from any unknown person, so keeping a gun feels safe.

How to Prevent Rusting in A Gun Safe?

In present days, internal walls of Gun safe are made of Drywall and gypsum. There are also chemical treatments too to keep the stored guns safe and in sound condition.

Final Words

Gun safe have both positive and negative features, the issue is -Are gun safes bad for guns? The answer would be- No. With all the complications and issues, a safe is needed for firearms storage. You can depend on your own intuition to get a safe and we will wish very good luck for its fruitful results. 

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